Follow That Wrestling Show on Social Media

For those who have been listeners of the show for a long time every week at the end of each show I put in plugs for social media sites to follow.  Today I figure I’m going to make it easier not only for the long time listeners but for the new listeners who just found the website.  So let’s get started by helping you out with Facebook.

There are two ways you can follow the show on Facebook.  First off is with the official Facebook group of That Wrestling Show.  With over 100 members, this group has some of the best and smartest fans in the world today.  If you would like to join our group here is the link

Or, if you would like to follow the official page of That Wrestling Show on Facebook, just follow this link

Now onto Twitter.  It’s safe to say if you’re anybody then Twitter is the place to follow your favorite shows, athletes, celebrities and more.  Or if you just want to follow your friends then Twitter is the way to go.  To follow the host of the show, Bill aka Wrestlingman go to this link

To follow the podcast on Twitter, which gives you live coverage of WWE and ROH live events just to name a few go to this link

I hope this helped you all out and continue to support the show.

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