Chikara Mixtape Volume 1 Rey de Voladores Review

With Chikara running there own streaming service, Chikaratopia on the internet and also on entertainment devices such as Roku, they are able to not only present the shows that have taken place in the promotion’s legendary history but are also able to present best of videos.  Compilations that will never be for sale on DVD but will be on Chikaratopia exclusively.  Over the last five days they have released two mix tapes with a certain theme.  This review is of the very first mix tape which is all about the Rey de Voladores.

What is unique about this mix tape is how many future stars of wrestling we see in the four matches presented.  To see how much these wrestlers have improved in the ring and how much they have changed looks wise since the match happened.  With that said let’s look at Chikara Mixtape Volume One Rey de Voladores.

We start with the finals of the 2009 Rey de Voladores tournament from King of Trios 2009 between Kota Ibushi and one half of the Super Smash Brothers Player Dos.  Match starts off with a feeling out process to get familiar with each other and a couple of times early they have a stand off.  After a while we do see some of the high flying that this tournament is known for.  Each man going back and forth trying to out do one another but not getting the three count.  What surprised me about this match was that there wasn’t a lot of high flying in this match, especially with a wrestler like Kota Ibushi who is known as a big time high flyer.  At one point during this match Player Dos hits a twisting corkscrew onto Ibushi however when he hits the move, he hits the back of his head on the concrete floor.  I thought that he wouldn’t be able to continue but Dos was able to finish this match.  In the end, it would be Kota Ibushi hitting the Golden Star Press for the three count and winning the Rey de Voladores.

Next is a four way elimination match with the winner to advance to the finals the next day.  From 2010 it is Ophidian, Rich Swann, Frightmare and Cheech Hernandez.  This would be Rich Swann’s debut to Chikara and he fits perfectly in this match.  Ophidian and Cheech start the match with some test of strength and some mat wrestling.  Frightmare and Swann would join in and we would see some good high flying.  Later in the match Rich Swann has Frightmare down on the mat as he’s about to hit a 450 splash but Frightmare raises his knees to block the move which puts Swann to the mat.  Frightmare then gets up and hits the Kneecolepsy to eliminate Swann from the match.  Cheech then gets in the ring and attacks Frightmare and then attacks Ophidian, sets both men up to hit a double stunner and attempts to get a pin on both men but could only get a two count on each man.  Cheech then throws Ophidian to the floor and hits a powerbomb on the rail and puts Ophidian out for a period of time.  It would then become Frightmare and Cheech in the ring and for the majority of the time Cheech is in charge of the action.  However, Ophidian would get back into the ring and ruins Cheech’s chance of finishing off Frightmare.  Ophidian then grabs Cheech and puts the O’Connor roll on with a bridge that would eliminate Cheech from the match.  It comes down to Ophidian and Frightmare and these two men just go at it and have a lot of close falls.  The end of the match is very good as Frightmare attempts to hit a move from the top rope but Ophidian blocks it and reverses what Frightmare was going to do into his version of the Canadian Destroyer to get the three count and the victory.  Ophidian advances to the finals of the Rey de Voladores.

Then we go back to 2007 with the very first Rey de Voladores tournament with Chuck Taylor, PAC, Ricochet and Retail Dragon.  I’m sure somebody is saying one of these things is not like the other.  This was a very good match and it is incredible to see how three of these four wrestlers would improve since this match.  A lot of spots that must be seen to believe including Retail Dragon being thrown over the top rope and landed back first onto the steps.  Ricochet and PAC each hitting twisting planchas and moonsaults onto the floor.  There are so many in this match that me trying to describe it would be very hard and I’ll tell you to go watch the action.  Retail Dragon gets back into the ring but eventually is eliminated by Ricochet, then minutes later PAC hits a shooting star press on Ricochet while his feet his the back of Chuck Taylor’s head to eliminate Ricochet.  It comes down to PAC and Chuck Taylor and these two are just great together in the ring.  In the end, Taylor would hit the Omega Driver on PAC to win the match and advance to the finals of the tournament.  This is a really good match and after almost ten years this match still holds up as a very good match.

For the finale it is the finals of Rey de Voladores from 2011 between El Generico and 1-2-3 Kid.  I was at this match when it took place and it is one of the best matches I’ve ever seen live in an arena.  What is fascinating about this match is how the commentators talk about how much of an influence 1-2-3 Kid is not only to them but also to a lot of the wrestlers on the Chikara roster.  El Generico and 1-2-3 Kid have a tremendous back and forth match with some good mat wrestling and some high flying.  1-2-3 Kid would tease hitting the Bronco Buster on Generico but would either move or land on the ropes meanwhile Generico would attempt to hit the Brain Buster but just couldn’t hit the move.  The ending of the match is very good as Kid hits the X Factor on Generico but only gets a two count.  Both men get back up and Generico hits a Yakuza kick in the corner on Kid but was able to get a two count.  Then, Generico does the Razor Ramon pose and hits Kid with the Razor’s Edge, then goes for a cover gets two but is reversed only to get a two count.  1-2-3 Kid then goes to the top rope but Generico meets him, both men fight and Kid hits a super X Factor from the top rope but can’t get the three count.  Kid then tries for another move but Generico catches him in the ropes and hits a Brain Buster on the top turnbuckle and gets the three count and wins Rey de Voladores.

That is Chikara Mixtape Volume 1, a nice dose of what Chikara is all about.  While the first two matches had gone a little slow but did get better, the last two matches were very good and exciting.  They did a tremendous job as far as selecting the matches and the wrestlers that were in the matches.  To look back at these matches and see where guys like Kota Ibushi, PAC, Rich Swann and Ricochet just to name a few have gone on and become big stars in wrestling today.  If you are interested in getting into Chikara and you get a free trial of Chikaratopia I recommend watching this to get a good education on what Chikara is all about.  I give this Mixtape a B grade.


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