ROH Wrestling Results (11/4/15)

This is my first wrestling review of last night’s ROH wrestling. Thanks to Wrestling Man for giving me the opportunity!

The show starts off with Kyle O’Riley talking about how he respects A.J. Styles, but warns him that he will go through him to get to the man who betrayed him, Adam Cole. Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness (subbing for Steve Corino) are joined by Mark Briscoe!

Match #1: Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser w/ The Boys vs. The Young Bucks: I love the Young Bucks. They are my favorite tag team right now. During the match, Young Bucks give Silas and Bruiser a hard time, prompting Silas to send in The Boys (whom he won from Dalton Castle- BOO!), who put on a good display, but it wasn’t enough. Winner by pinfall: The Young Bucks. After the match, Silas and Bruiser berate The Boys  for their lost and the Young Bucks SUPERKICK Bruiser, but Silas got away. Rating: 3/5

BJ Whitmer comes out and confronts Nigel, demanding that he fired Corino and get into some words with Mark. They show a clip of Corino hitting Whitmer, which prompted his suspension. (I smell a match at Final Battle: Corino and Whitmer in a Steel Cage, Loser Leaves ROH!) Kevin Kelly also mentions that Nigel is being sued by Veda Scott for making Cedric Alexander wrestle when he was injured; Nigel cannot make a comment regarding this situation.

Match #2: Will Ferrara vs. Roderick Strong: This is Strong getting ready for his ROH Television title match against Jay Lethal. Good bout and good pacing, though it was obvious that Roderick would win. Winner by submission: Roderick Strong. Rating: 2.5/3

Jay Lethal joins commentary for the main event.

Main Event: 3-Way Match: AJ Styles w/ The Young Bucks vs. Adam Cole w/ The Kingdom (Maria Kanellis, ROH Tag Team champions Michael Bennett and Matt Taven) vs. Kyle O’Riley w/ Bobbby Fish and “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin: Everyone brought their entourage out in this event, and Nigel sends everyone backstage. Boy, The Kingdom was mad. Though to quote The Simpson’s Nelson: “HAW-HAW!” Lots of high flying and scrambling for submissions and pinfalls between these three as Kyle gets some attacks on Cole. Winner by pinfall: Adam Cole. After the match, The Kingdom comes out and beats on Kyle, but The Young Bucks, Bobby Fish, and Elgin. However, the Young Bucks and AJ Styles clear the ring of the Kingdom, even giving Bennett (or Taven) and Cole a double More Bang for the Buck. Leathal leaves commentary and confronts Styles, showing off both World and Television title as the show comes to an end. Rating: 4/5

Have a great weekend.


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