Fantasy Survivor Series Card #3

I want to apologize for this being up a day late.  With the news of the tournament to crown a new WWE Champion it was hard to focus on that and get this up in time.  However, I don’t think you will be disappointed with this lineup.  This features the WWE Hall of Fame with some matches that were just destined to happen and teams made that you won’t believe.  With that said let’s look at the card.

Commentators: Jim Ross, Gorilla Monsoon, Jesse Ventura & Bobby Heenan


Interviewer: Mean Gene Okerlund


Ring Announce: Howard Finkel


Time Keeper: Connor “The Crusher”


Main Event:


The Hulkamaniacs: Hulk Hogan (Captain), Andre the Giant, Jimmy Snuka & Junkyard Dog vs. The Madness: Randy Savage (Captain), Big John Studd, Roddy Piper & Bob Orton Jr.

The main event pretty much speaks for itself.  Eight of the biggest stars of the 1980’s led by two of the all time greats with what might possibly be considered all star teams.  So many storylines and results could come out from this match the possibilities are endless.

Second Match:


The Dream Team: Dusty Rhodes (Captain), Ricky Steamboat & the Road Warriors vs. the Four Horseman: Ric Flair (Captain), Barry Windham, Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard

If you wanted to do a double main event, this would easily be the second main event.  No group was as dangerous as the Four Horseman and the rivalry they had with Dusty Rhodes is legendary.  But you add in the Road Warriors who had beef with the Horseman and Ricky Steamboat who could wrestle just about anybody on the opposing team just makes it crazy.  No doubt this match would be one for the ages.

Third Match:


Team NWA: Harley Race (Captain), Jack Brisco, Dory Funk Jr. & Terry Funk vs. Team AWA: Verne Gagne (Captain), Nick Bockwinkel, Maurice “Mad Dog” Vachon & Mr. Perfect

A battle between two of the most important promotions in wrestling history, the NWA and the AWA have to have a battle to determine an overall winner.  It’s a great representation of the golden days of wrestling with a bit of modern wrestling in the last twenty-five years.  This match would just be fun to watch for any age.

Fourth Match:


The Living Legends: Bruno Sammartino (Captain), Larry Zbyszko, Billy Graham & Bill Watts vs. The Butchers: Abdullah the Butcher (Captain), Killer Kowalski, Jake Roberts & Mick Foley

This match was almost super easy to create.  With the two team captains having legendary careers in there own way you could have wrestling and violence at the same time.  World champions, icons of the sport, competing to try and survive I think the referee would have one hell of a time trying to keep control of this match.

Fifth Match:


The Von Erichs: Fritz Von Erich (Captain), David Von Erich, Kerry Von Erich & Kevin Von Erich vs. Team Canada: Bret Hart (Captain), Stu Hart, Pat Patterson & Edge

This was perhaps the hardest match to create because I knew that some names would be left off this card that some people wouldn’t be happy with.  But you have two wrestling families from two different countries represented in one match and this would be a very good match.  Plus, with the addition of Pat Patterson and Edge for Team Canada you can have an all out brawl at some point but some great technical wrestling as well.

I know originally the last card would be a grab bag of wrestling promotions but after feeling bad leaving some big time names out of this card, I’ve decided for the fourth and final Survivor Series card it will be teams of five with the wrestlers in the WWE Hall of Fame.  Check out to see who is on the fourth and final fantasy Survivor Series card.


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