Chikara Mixtape Volume 2 Femme Fatales Review

What makes CHIKARA a fun promotion to watch is the amount of matches that we have where the men face the women.  The women play a big part in the history of CHIKARA with memorable matches and moments.  This review is all about the women of CHIKARA, most well-known names and some that will be big names in the future.  This is an exclusive on CHIKARAtopia website and on its Roku page.  With that said let’s look at Volume 2 of Chikara Mixtape Femme Fatales!!!

The opening match is a tag team match with Daizee Haze teaming with Sara Del Rey as they face the Super Smash Brothers, Player Uno and Player Dos.  The match told a very good story where when Player Dos is in the ring with Daizee Haze he will not attack her because she is playing the nice, sweet, innocent card.  But when Dos puts his guard down Haze would take advantage of the weakness shown by Player Dos.  However, Player Uno is not fooled at all by the games of Daizee Haze and does get into a fight with Sara Del Rey.  They didn’t have a lot to work with as far as action on the floor so most of this match stayed in the ring which is actually a good thing for this match.  A lot of near falls by both teams in this match but in the end, Del Rey and Haze hit a piledriver-German Suplex combo on Player Uno to get the three count and the victory.

Next match features a woman who hasn’t been seen on the wrestling scene as of late but had some potential, Saturyne as she faced Tim Donst.  This was a short match and it was a pretty decent match, where Saturyne took a lot of abuse in the ring but did not give up.  She did hit a couple of tilt-a-whirl hurricanrana’s on Donst where at one point sent him to the floor where she hit a crossbody block onto Donst.  She tries to pick him up to bring him back in the ring but could not lift him up, so she asks fans at ringside to help her get Donst back in the ring, that was a pretty cool moment.  Saturyne than locks on the CHIKARA Special to try and get the tap out but Donst grabs her around the throat to get out of the hold and send her into the corner.  He then locks in a version of the crossface and forces the tap out on Saturyne.

Then we get trios action as Aja Kong, Mio Shirai and Tsubasa Kuragaki faced the team of Manami Toyota, Sawako Shimono and Hanako Nakamari.  This was a fantastic match with two of the all time great female wrestlers leading their respective teams.  We get a tease at the beginning of the match with Kong and Toyota in the ring to start the match but Kong tags in Shirai for her to start the match.  This is a very psychical, athletic, entertaining match that saw all six women look very good in this match.  At one point Shimono bodyslammed Shirai seven times in a row but was able to get a two count.  A lot of near falls, falls being broken up with all six women in the ring at the same time with the poor referee just there in the ring to only count the three.  At the end Tsubasa Kuragaki lifts Hanako Nakamari in the air as if she is about to do the Razor’s Edge but instead turns her in mid-air for her to land face first to get the three count and the victory.  A fantastic match that I recommend everybody go and see.

For the finale it’s back to Sara Del Rey as she takes on Claudio Castagnoli.  For those who don’t know, Claudio Castagnoli is current WWE superstar Cesaro and this is another fantastic match.  Castagnoli tells Del Rey in the beginning to just lay down and take the three count so the match will end but she does not do it.  This gets into a very good match with each person showing why they are the best at what they do inside the ring.  At one point with both of them outside Del Rey kicks Castagnoli down to the ground and then does a running somersault onto Tursas, who was in the corner of Castagnoli.  Towards the end Castagnoli gets the advantage back and his the Ricola Bomb on Del Rey, instead of ending the match he pulls her up by the hair for a count of two.  Then, he runs the ropes and hits a European uppercut that knocks Del Rey down, and again instead of ending the match he pulls Del Rey up by the hair to get only two.  He then talks to Daizee Haze, who was in the corner of Sara Del Rey in this match.  So instead of focusing on his opponent to end the match, Castagnoli talks to Haze on the outside which is enough distraction as Del Rey gets him in a crucifix pin for the three count and the victory as the fans in the arena go crazy with the upset win by Sara Del Rey.

Overall, I really liked this mixtape more than the Rey de Voladores mixtape by a good amount.  You had four good matches, with the last two matches being very good.  This is one that I really recommend everybody go out of your way to check this out and see some of the best women wrestlers of all time.  I give this show a grade of an A.

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