ROH Wrestling 11/18/15

The show opens with a sketch of Silas Young trying to teach The Boys how to be real men by doing things “real men” do like fixing a tire, using spit to clean their hands (ugh!), and driving stick shift. I know they are trying to be funny, but, this sketch has been done before.

Match #1: Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser w/ The Boys vs. War Machine- Tag match with big guys, especially War Machine and Bruiser (who must weigh about 300 or 350 pounds). Hanson and Bruiser try to knock each other down, but that doesn’t work, but War Machine takes control. The Boys try to interfere and they and Silas get punished by Hanson in the corner. Bruiser and Young trap Rowe in the corner, but War Machine powers out. Bruiser tries to do a leap from the apron into Rowe, but ends up knocking The Boys down. In the end, War Machine hits Young with their finisher (Demolition Decapitation, I think) for the win. After the match, Young and Bruiser beat up the Boys. Yeah, real men….NOT!

Nigel McGuiness calls out Steve Corino to discuss his actions with BJ Whitmer. While he understands that Whitmer caused him emotional distress, McGuiness cannot condone Corino punching him. He says that he cannot reinstate him as a color commentator, but he can be reinstated as a wrestler; Nigel sets up a match at FINAL BATTLE between Corino and Whitmer in a Fight Without Honor. Corino takes the mic and says that he cannot compete due to a recent neck surgery and that his career is over. He thanks ROH for everything and leaves to the crowd applause.

Match #2: “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin vs. Kevin Lee Davidson (JOBBER)– Not much to say with this match since Elgin wins with a clothesline. He then gets on the mic and says that he will get his shot at Jay Lethal’s World title.

Main Event: ROH World Tag Team Title Match: The Kingdom (champions) w/ Maria Kanellis vs. The Addiction w/ Chris Sabin: Both teams are heels and Kevin Kelly and Nigel agree that its a matter of who will cheat the most. Both sides fight to a stalemate, which Matt Taven and Frankie Kazarian try to hit each other with the Tag belts and then both fall down to get the other disqualified. This bit was funny, considering the heel teams. Kanellis and Sabin both trip their respective opponents prompting the referee to throw them out of the ring!!! With Kanellis and Sabin out, both sides fight back and forth, but no pin. With a ref bump, Maria comes out, but Daniels tries to hit his Angel Wings, but is prevented by Bennett. She kicks Daniels in the groin and super kicks him. Frankie Kazarian attempts to hit Kanellis when a red-masked KRD (Knights of the Rising Dawn) interferes, allowing Taven and Bennett to pin Kazarian for the win. After the match, War Machine stands at the ramp and stares down The Kingdom, whom they will face at GLORY BY HONOR for the Tag straps.

OVERALL: This was a good episode. The War Machine-Young & Bruiser match was all right, though I don’t get any connection with these two and The Boys. Don’t get me started on Elgin’s match; it wasn’t worth it. I really enjoyed the main event and Corino’s farewell. I hope someone steps in for Corino and challenges Whitmer!

Next Wednesday is the last ROH episode on Destination America before they move to the Comet Network.

Have a good weekend and Happy Thanksgiving!

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