WWE Monday Night RAW reviews (11/23/2015)

-Start of the show-
-RAW begins with a clip-show of what happened at Survivor Series a.k.a. Roman winning the championship and Sheamus cashing in his contract to win immediately after. Then we have the authority come to the ring and expose’ how they Roman the chance to be at the head of the line but he chose to do it the hard way and when HHH extended his hand to Roman after he won the title, he got speared for his troubles. Sheamus then gets introduced out and proceeds to gloat about how this is his moment and nothing the crowd could say would ruin it. Constantly referring to the line of “Who looks stupid now?”. Roman Reigns’ music hits and he walks through the crowd to the ring and demands a rematch tonight. Immediately faces off with HHH, who proceeds to tell Roman that he
will get his match when HE says so (after a brief intercession from Stephanie) then suddenly gets superkicked by Rusev then Brogue Kicked by Sheamus. It was at this point that HHH said that Reigns would get rematch at TLC ppv in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match but for this night, he would instead get Rusev.

1st Match:
The Dudley Boys vs. Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper
-The match had some promise at the beginning, I was really hoping that it
would be at least a 10-15 match. We got a couple of minutes of the Dudley’s getting some slight offense in, cut to commercial, come back to holds being applied to D-Von, a quick distraction later and Bubba gets leveled with a discus clothesline from Harper to pick up the victory.
(While this match only existed to give the Wyatt’s an excuse to vent frustration after their loss from the night before, this was kind of a bore and the only good part was the clothesline ending)

2nd Match:
Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch
-Very balanced from the get-go. These 2 know each other and know how to work off each other very well. Sasha started getting the upper hand after she hit her double knee’s to a prone Becky in the corner. Becky started a quick offensive which had her putting Sasha in her “Disarmer”. Outside interference from Tamina caused the ref not see Naomi pull Sasha to the ropes (she was tapping out at the point). Becky broke the hold and was caught up in a small package pin for the win by Sasha.
(Not a bad match however, these 2 have had wars in the ring in NXT and it was very disappointing to see this brief match. I would have loved to see more from these 2 but if they are going to be restrained like this, then my hopes are in limbo)

The New Day came out to announce their 1 year anniversary and also their tag- team championship open challenge. The Lucha Dragons came out first after their segment and said that they would like to answer the challenge. Then were met with The Usos who wanted to meet the call. It was then suggested by Lucha Dragons that it would be a triple threat for the tag-team championships. Xavier Woods said that both these teams ruined their celebration and that the open challenge was cancelled. However, The New Day would still be met with upsetting results when both opposing teams attacked them for their troubles.
(The New Day coming out and making a mockery of Tennesse was hilarious. These guys are easily some of the best humor on the show. It was a shame that this didn’t lead into a match, one can only hope it sets up something crazy leading up to the TLC ppv)

3rd Match:
Neville vs. Mark Henry
-A weird match-up. Mark was reluctant to show his true strength at first and it wasn’t until Neville fought back that he started getting rogh with him. Henry got in his offense, wearing down Neville quickly. Henry gets ready to deliver the World’s Strongest Slam, Neville gets out of it, hits Henry with a surprise kick which downs him and Neville gets the win after hitting his Red Arrow finish.(Umm.. Okay, this was an obvious mis-match but I just dont know why they had Henry look so weak. Granted he kicked out a fraction of a second late, which gave Neville the “surprise upset”, but still.. )

4th Match:
Goldust & Primetime Players vs. Cosmis Wasteland
-PTP got their offense in quick, making easy work of Konnor at the beginning. This match obviousyly serving as service from the last minute 5 v 5 match from Survivor Series. Cosmic Wasteland soon got the upper hand and slowed down the other team’s momentum. A double tag-in later and we have Titus squaring off against Viktor, Goldust squares off with Stardust outside of the ring, Darren backdrops Konnor on the outside ring edge and Titus catches Viktor mid-air and hits him with the Clash of the Titus finish for the win.(A pretty decent match. PTP and Goldust are a finely tuned bunch and they are very cohesive together. Cosmis Wasteland is a neat idea in theory but as long as they keep losing, then I don’t know why anyone would care about them. Ascension really needs a push now more then ever)

-State of MexAmerica Address-
Zeb Colter and Alberto Del Rio deliver a state of the union address. Zeb states how America is bitter and reluctant to accept MexAmerica and that it’s borders are closed forever. Jack Swagger crashed this “party” and cannot stand to see Zeb acting this way. Obviously pushing the patriotic angle, Swagger claims to protect this country from all enemies foreign and domestic. Del Rio and Colter both now official heels if you are just tuning it. (I have nothing to say here except for 1 sentence: What the hell are they

5th Match:
Paige vs. Charlotte(Diva’s Championship match)
(Earlier in the show, Paige said that Charlotte’s win from the night before was a fluke due to cheating. Showing video evidence that Charlotte’s arms were under the ropes while she was holding Paige in the Figure-8 submission which means that Paige is still in no.1 spot for a title shot)
-Much like how the encounter between Paige and Lynch had a week ago, the same thing ended up here. Paige easily got the match rolling his her lightning fast offense. Working Charlotte’s legs and even using the figure 4 leg lock against her, Paige was in control decisively. Charlotte soon started her comeback which sent both of them through the ropes and the match ended in a double- count out. Paige them send Charlotte into the steel steps and locked in her PTO on top of the announce table.
(So, looks like we are going to get another Paige/ Charlotte match at TLC. This match served 1 purpose, to set up a major feud that will last awhile.)

-Slater/Ryback Segment-
Heath Slater come out to “entertain” the Nashville crowd with his guitar skills but was met with the crowd of the big guy, Ryback, who just wasn’t in the mood. Slater then tried to lay out the big guy using the guitar.. needless to say, it didn’t work. Ryback shook that off pretty quickly and put down Slater with the Shell Shock.
(Umm.. why?.. Because Ryback still exists? Just stop..)

6th match: Dean Ambrose & Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens and Tyler Breeze
-This probably will be the match of the night. Both sides did not fail to impress. Dean and Dolph were relentless from the very beginning and did not let up. This was their payback from last night as well as the week before. Ziggler hit’s Owen’s with a superkick and Ambrose drives the nail into the coffin with his Dirty Deeds finisher.
(Everything you could ever want was here. Its only a shame it had to come this late in the show)

Final Match:
Roman Reigns vs. Rusev
-Sheamus was going to make this match interesting from the start, causing trouble for Reigns throughout it until he was tossed out by an official. It was then we find out that King Barrett is now an Authority man. He storms the ring and hits Reigns with his Bull-Hammer elbow for the DQ finish. He introduced a chair into the mix which only led to Roman, stealing the chair and laying waste to Rusev and Barrett and finally to Sheamus.(So, Barrett is the new Kane? Not much to say here, I think both guys are equally boring here but… complexity makes for an interesting 3 weeks to TLC)
Final Thoughts:
-So, without taking a big steaming negative thought over the show, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, the WWE has to re-write an entire show with so many people being out due to injury. WWE has gone on record stating that Rollins getting hurt does not affect their current story. I don’t agree with that statement whatsoever. But with that in mind, this show was on the verge of becoming a trainwreck. Between the short matches, the last 2 segments going nowhere, the authority still needing to put themselves at the front of everything and now this group of second-hand villains, it feels like such was done to progress from Survivor Series. More will be ironed out over the next month or so but if WWE continue down this path or short matches and pointless
talky-parts then more people are going to lose interest. The positives are that The New Day killed in their segment, Becky and Sasha had a good match and the Ambrose/Ziggler v. Owens/Breeze match was amazing. Everything else was rushed and wasn’t given enough time. This week gets a pass but just barely in my books. I think that after this week, the E’ will get it together.. Hopefully!


Written by: Erik M./ THE BEAST!

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