WWE Monday Night RAW Review (11/30/2015) – “The Storm Continues”

(Just remember this is my take on RAW, it does not express the opinion of That Wrestling Show as a whole)

-We start RAW with a celebration! The New Day had thrown a special party for the newly crowned WWE World Heavyweight Chapion, Sheamus. While the energy was high, the Roman Empire would soon be on it’s heels in their own celebration as Roman Reigns stormed the ring, caught Sheamus with a surprise Superman punch and made off with his championship belt. Shortly after, The Authority put into motion a series of events that would change Roman’s title run into a fray.. he would need to beat Sheamus in under 5 minutes and 14 seconds in order to have his match at TLC.. from the there the stage was set.

(First Match)
Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze
– A quick match. obviously bulding off of this new rivalry. Breeze tried taking advantage of Ziggler’s weakened extremities and series of quick pins, it wasn’t enough to get the upper-hand on Ziggler who made easy work of Breeze after a nasty superkick and the victory. With the series tied 1-1, what will happen with these 2 next?

(Miz TV Segment: Rusev and Lana)
-This was Lana’s first appearence back on RAW after spending a brief time away and was right back in Rusev’s corner. Miz pointed out the obvious news story of their real life engagement going public and they seized the moment in all of it’s glory. While each of them making subtle jabs at the other people they were seeing prior to getting back together, it wasn’t long until someone had to crash the party.. Cue Ryback.

Rusev vs. Ryback
-PPV match bait. Nothing else to talk about here. Rusev and Ryback took their “epic” bout outside the ring, after Ryback was clearly dominating the match, and it ended in a double count out. It’s okay though, Rusev was able to tend to Lana which aided to the double count out as well. Win-win for the Bulgarian brute, he gets to leave with an actual prize.

(Dudley Boyz/Wyatt Family Segment)
-The Dudley’s came out to address the 4 elephants in the room, via the Wyatt clan. Both men made their statements even more obvious when they revealed 4 tables in the ring with each members’ name on a table (setting up a ladder match, perhaps?) Enter Bray and his family who tell the Dudley’s not to invite the Devil into their backyard because they just might like it, cut to black, come back and we have Luke, Erick and Braun standing before the ring ready to ambush until we get a surpise addition to team Dudley.. through the crowd we see Tommy Dreamer carrying a trash can filled with weaponry and we have a 6-man contest!

Dudley Boyz & Tommy Dreamer vs. Wyatt’s Family
-Dreamer showed he still has gas in the engine and can still show some moves in the ring. Dudley’s had the momentum going forward in this match but it wasn’t for long until the match ended in a no contest due to the chaos becoming uncontrollable. It didn’t stop the Dudley’s from making a statement of their own by putting Bray Wyatt through the planks!.. The tables for those of you not fluent in pirate talk.

(Stardust Christmas/The Rose Bush segments)
-I have nothing here. Slapstick holiday humor and an easy joke at the expense of Tyler Breeze and Dolph Ziggler. It’s obvious that WWE doesn’t think too highly of Christmas or pretty people.. or humor for that fact.

Goldust vs. Alberto Del Rio
-Goldust started the match off by catching Del Rio off gaurd. These 2 were good together. Obviously they both have styles that compliment each other. Trading off their best shots and a series of kicks, this match did see it’s conclusion rather quickly when Alberto hit his big stomp for the win then locked in a cross armbreaker post-match. Swagger would then come down to break up the hold and send Alberto back to the locker room. Truth be told, I would watch another bout between Goldust and Del Rio before seeing Swagger get in the ring again.. Just saying.
Lucha Dragons vs. The Usos
-The winner gets a tag team championship match against The New Day at TLC ppv.. so what better fitting way to spend that show.. then by maybe having the night off? New Day was ringside on commentary during this match.. see where this is going? Both teams showing off the goods, reversals, flying and such so it only seemed fitting that the match ends with double DQ due to New Day storming the ring and taking out both teams. I wonder whats going to happen now..

Brie Bella vs. Sasha Banks
-No amount of Daniel Bryan kicks can stop the boss and team B.A.D.. Brie fought hard but with Alicia Fox disposed of by Tamina (and her superkick) it wasn’t a surpise at all that Sasha dominated the match for the most part and added another victory to her resume with a Backstabber- Banks Statement combo to end the match via submission. Sasha is making them waves and hopefully soon we see her in the title picture.

Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus
-Throughout the night, The Authority made the claim that Roman’s actions would have consequences to his friends and family. HHH said that if Roman doesn’t win his match, in the 5:14 time limit, he would lose his title match at TLC, The Usos would lose their Tag Team title match and also Dean Ambrose would lose his title match too. So, did Roman defy the odds and keep the dreams of his friends intact? Sure. I say sure with a flat tone because you have to wonder how hard it is to orchestrate an interference AFTER the time alotted. Either way, we have a new group to worry about, “League of Nations”, which include King Barrett, Rusev, Aberto Del Rio and Sheamus. They all stopped Roman from capitolizing on his own.

Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte
-Finally some character from Charlotte! About time! This friendly match was requested with the hopes of “tearing the house down”. While these 2 was squared off against each other in NXT, this was their first friendly match in WWE. Becky was in control most of the time, utilizing her unique offense of holds and momentum based moves. Charlotte then “faked” an injury, Becky went in to check on her buddy but fell victim to the older Flair trick in the book.. Charlotte caught Becky with a roll up pin for the victory. Shades of Ric past perhaps? Either way, I think I may like this Charlotte.. let’s just hope it doesn’t come at the expense of Becky. Paige foreshadowed this whole thing FYI… she was there, yay.

(FINAL MATCH) League of Nation & The New Day vs. The Usos, Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns
-Did you all call this or what? No.. you aren’t the only one.. it seems that it’s becoming ever more apparent that the WWE was full of.. IT when they said that Rollins injury didnt affect future plans because this has “last second idea” written all over it. Anyways, this was a slaughter if we hadn’t seen one yet tonight. A “non-serious” Jimmy Uso knee injury made it 7-on-3 courtesy of the LoN. It wasn’t long until Ambrose’s momentum was slowed down to a grinding halt when he caught the receiving end of a Sheamus Brogue Kick which gave the 7-man team their victory and an open invitation to beat down on Reigns some more.

RAW Summary-
-The phrase of the night could eb summed up to be “To be Continued”. Or if you are like me “Still pending”.. but to most hardcore fans, it’s ” Okay, now what?”. While tonight was a vast improvement over last week’s show, it still lacked in a lot of ways. 1 match ended in no contest, 3 of them ended in DQ and the rest were paper-thin. Like I said before, this is WWE trying their hardest to write in story at the last minute and the cracks are starting to show.. But, time to give credit where it is due.. the wrestling was very tight across the board and the cheesiness was toned down some. Two more weeks till TLC and so far the match card looks very promising. I will also say that the creative team needs to get their collective head out of it’s collective rear. This all feels so vastly mid-card grade. I mean, how much talent do you have to stick with Sheamus in order for him to be over with the fans?? Plus, and probably the biggest insult of the night is ZERO KEVIN OWENS! WWE, please.. you had a good thing going up until Night of Champions 2015, stick to what works. Several matches ending in a schmozz, and missing talent to boot. Zero cares given. If this keeps up, Vince will think what we need to more talk-y bits, more gossip and more Stephanie hogging mic time.. Im not bitter by the way, just annoyed.


Until next week, keep sticking with it!

-Erik M.-

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