Ring of Honor 11/28/15

Hello everyone. Here are the results from ROH Wrestling  for 11/28/15:

ROH shows a clip of Roderick Strong defeating Jay Lethal for the World Television title on the last show.

Match 1: Adam Page w/ The Decade vs. Will Ferrara: Page attacks Ferrara before the bell begins; typical heel move. Page throws Will into the ring post, but Will fights back. There were a lot of counters from both competitors.  Big spot of the match was Will hitting an Ace of Spades on Page from the ring corner for a two count; BJ Whitmer throws his crutch in to Page, but Ferrara intercepts it and hits Page with it for the win. After the match, Whitmer, Colby Corino, and Page gang up on Ferrara prompting Mark Briscoe, who was a guest commentator, to make the save and drive The Decade away.

Kevin Kelly then interviews The Addiction. Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian are upset with the lost from the last  Tag Team title match with The Kingdom; Christopher Daniels had some choice words for Maria Kanellis and the KRD, who interfered. Kazarian and Daniels said they are heading to New Japan for the World Tag League tournament and then return to ROH to reclaim their titles.

World Heavyweight champion Jay Lethal, along with Truth Maritini and (I think) Taeler Hendrix come out and Lethal blasts Strong for wining the Television title, as well as praising himself as the greatest World champion. Lethal then calls out AJ Styles, his opponent at FINAL BATTLE. Styles gets on the mic and says that its ironic: Lethal loosing the Television title was great because now he can focus on him and the World title! Both shake hands stiffly and Lethal adding that he is the best wrestler.

Main Event: Dalton Castle vs. Adam Cole w/ The Kingdom– Before the match, The Boys appear and are ready to help Castle, but Silas Young chases them back, allowing Cole to attack Castle from behind. Castle fights back, but Matt Taven and Michael Bennett interfere causing a DQ. However, this does not stop The Kingdom from attack, but War Machine arrive. This allows Nigel McGuiness to set up a Six-Man Tag between The Kingdom and Castle/ War Machine. For much of the match, War Machine dominates, but The Kingdom isolates Hanson at one point in the match, but Hanson kicks out Cole, Taven, and Bennett. One good and amazing point was a continued reversal of a piledriver between Castle and Taven. Hanson does a rope dive on The Kingdom, but in the end Cole hits a brainbuster on Castle for the win.

Sorry this was a short report due to the Thanksgiving week. Hopefully, the next show will have more.

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