WWE Monday Night RAW review (12/7/2015) – “The streak continues”

-Can WWE break this current streak of bad RAW episodes? Let’s find out!

We start the show with all 4 members of League of Nation in the ring together. Sheamus on the mic can only mean one thing: point out the obvious, wait for crowd response, bait yourself for response and wait for interruption… without fail. This time was speaking of each member’s dominance due to their country of Origin then making the comment of how those “4” were the best. Immediate cut to Wyatt entrance who saved the show from boredom. So, 4 v 4 for the night? NOPE! Then comes Team Dudley w/ Dreamer.. Wyatt cuts off Bubba Ray pretty quick and tears them down for being out-matches and out-manned.. D-Von then introduced their newest member to the team, Rhyno.. So, triple threat 12 man tag team match? NOPE! Cue Roman Reigns and company entering through the crowd(Reigns, Ambrose, The Usos).. So, to start the night:
16 man fatal 4-way elimination match.

Team ECW Originals vs. Wyatt Family vs. League of Nations vs. Roman Empire(I guess)
-This was very confusing but I was hooked from the start as the idea of this chaotic match hit all the right notes. Each side got in their opening salvo and it was team ECW origs that got the first pinfall of the night over the Wyatt’s courtesy of Tommy Dreamer pinning Erick Rowan. Down to 3 teams. Then it was Sheamus who got the action moving forward by using his strength in numbers to catch everyone else off gaurd and landing a brogue kick to the ECW originals and now we are down to 2 teams. Finally it was team Reigns that got the final say after Roman getting the pin over the League of Nations and that is how we started Raw.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens
-Ziggler stayed on Owens for the majority of the match but Kevin easily had Ziggler over-powered. Not the greatest of matches between these 2, primarily due to Ziggler overselling his shoulder but still not bad. Owens would come out on top with his pop-up powerbomb. Enter Dean Ambrose, popcorn and soda in hands, he enetered the ring which drove Owens insane then, I would assume, even more pissed off when Ambrose tossed both his popcorn and drink into Owen’s face.. So what does Owens do about it?.. Nothing.. He just sits in the ring and paces.. weak.

Sasha Banks & Naomi vs. Brie Bella & Alicia Fox
-This match was wildly all over the place. Between Alicia and Brie who had trouble finding their mark all match and Naomi and Sasha fumbling over each other, it was just weird. Team B.A.D. would get the win courtesy of a distraction from Tamina and the rear-view finisher from Naomi.

NEW DAY/TEAM B.A.D. segment
-New Day man… these guys could be on TV selling pencils and still find a way to make it entertaining. Both teams celebrating in the ring, unicorn beanies and all. Playing off of the twitter banter between the 2 groups. Never in my life did I care about twitter until that moment.. something about these 2 groups phoning it in so obvious and over-the-top just seemed so funny to me.

The Lucha Dragons vs. The New Day
-Not bad at all. Very run of the mill match before the TLC ppv. New Day was on the dragons and Woods was mr. distraction up until the usos started kicking him at ringside. The outside beating was enough to distract Kingston and have him get caught in a Sin cara roll-up pin for the loss. The plot thickens.

Miz/Neville/Donny SEGMENT:
-Miz is Hollywood, Donny has a show on the USA network and poor Neville is caught up in the crossfire.. This was about as stupid of a segment as humanly possible. Leave it to WWE to not only dig themselves even deeper but to then add more pop-culture into their show by including an actore from another show on the same network. Newsflash WWE: IT’S NOT FUNNY. IT’S NOT ENTERTAINING. STOP TREATING THE FANS LIKE IDIOTS!

Paige/Flair : MIZ TV
-“Charlotte are you going to be like daddy?” “Why yes Miz, it’s the only way to have character and the only way for me to get over and stay over”. Enter Paige, Paige slaps Ric, Charlotte and Paige fight.. Confirmed match at TLC. Where does Becky fit into all this? Who knows? Poor Becky Lynch, she deserves better then that.

-Another attempt at time filler and WWE/TMZ time. Can we get Leo Kruger instead?

Rusev vs. Ryback
-Take 2. More like repeat last weak. Both men trade fists, Lana feigns an injury TWICE, ryback falls victim to it and both men get the double count out with Rusev locking in his accolade finish outside the ring for good measure. It’s official, both these guys are bored.

Jack Swagger vs. Stardust
-Swagger did quick work of Stardust, immidtaely locking in the patriot lock for the submission victory. (What the hell happened here?) Alberto would then hit Swagger with a steel chair then Swagger would chase Del Rio with a chair, Del Rio would trip over Coulter’s scooter.. Shortly after, Del Rio would break it off with Zeb in hopes of having a mediocre match at TLC with Swagger. Poor Zeb Coulter.

Braun Strowman vs. Tommy Dreamer
-Crush match. Strowman easily muscled through this match and Dreamer got little to no offense in at all. Stowman got the win buy hugging Dreamer to death after a failed Dreamer driver.
Reigns/Sheamus SEGMENT-
-Reigns goated Sheamus into the ring after making somewhat racist comments while insulting the manhood of Sheamus. Did it lead to anything promising? Sure did! Sheamus getting speared through tables. All this to prove that Reigns’ win at Survivor Series wasn’t a fluke.
-ARRRGH! Are you kidding me?? After 2 weeks of abysmal shows this is the go-home show for TLC? The start of the show had a lot of promise. A 16-person all out brawl was fresh, interesting and new. So what does the WWE do after that? They drop the ball and literally go home!
Listen, I really do try to find the positives, I really do. I’m not just here to hate on this company. They have some of the best talent in the world in this company but have so little idea of how to use it during times like these. The locker room is plagued with injury with their top stars, what a better way to usher in a new wave of talent. But instead they focus more on cheap segments that aim to entertain people who enjoy stupid child humor. I have no choice but to be honest here. After Seth Rollins had to vacate the title due to his knee injury, it was been a slippery slope.. The biggest problem is that we have no main heel and Sheamus CAN’T PLAY MASTER HEEL!! Even with 3 other people behind him, an anti-american concept, their main heel tag team… they cannot make Sheamus look tough or menacing. Now, don’t give me any nonsense about how they did the same thing with Edge.. Worlds different. Edge at least was entertaining to watch and had an opportunistic character.. Sheamus is just some goofy looking guy who barely wins. I don’t buy him as a powerful enemy or as a main champion. This all feels like a bad dream.


-Erik M.-



(Once again, these are just my opinions on the current shows and do no reflect the opinions of everyone else on That Wrestling Show)

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