“Moves for Thought” A wrestling theory – Vince McMahon returns to RAW(12/15/15)

If most of you tuned into last night’s episode to Monday Night RAW, you would have seen a certain billionaire make his return to the USA Network’s show after being gone for nearly a year. Of course I’m referring to Vincent Kennedy McMahon!

His role in last night’s show did a lot in the evolution of the story of one, Roman Reigns and also the show’s current popularity trend over the past month.

Personal opinions aside, I had to put myself in check because I don’t speak for the fanbase in it’s entirety, I will say that it was a much needed change in energy and pace to see Vince instead of Triple H. Lately it feels that Triple H and Stephanie have been running the same kind of segment over and over and while it pays to have a bad guy to topple, this had been going on for so long that it felt like it was going to continue forever or just fade away.

With Vince coming back and strutting his stuff, it really makes you wonder if the training wheels are coming off and we are going to see some edgier content. I will gladly take some of that late 90’s early 2000’s Vince McMahon over The Authority and I think most fans will agree. Vince, without question, is the best bad guy in all of WWE. The persona of this rich, egocentric owner is what made the fans go crazy when they saw their heroes putting Vince out for the count.

Now, will it be the same thing? Hell no! The man is not the young guy anymore and obviously cannot do the stuff he was doing however he can the more methodical, vindictive, ruthless and manipulative  main bad person that we so desperately need right now.

How much of Vince do you think we are going to get? Well, that still remains to be seen. We may get a good burst of McMahon for now as the immediate story is still being told and he might go away again OR we will be seeing him in doses, like Lesnar or Undertaker. When he does show up, everyone knows that something big will happen and that no one is safe. You know, this big brooding force of corporate power. The idea’s are in full swing here, folks!

Anyways, let me know what you all think. Good, bad, impartial.. What do you see going on here with McMahon and do you think it will bring some big, much needed change?

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