WWE Monday Night RAW reviews (12/14/15)- “Broken Streak/ New Champ”

(TLC Fallout show)
-So, with the ppv being up for awards as the worst show of the year, I had very few hopes for tonight’s RAW. I was hoping for a new change of pace as well as very little to do with Sheamus and his League of Nations. Please.. some new improvements really need to happen.

-So we start off the show with Stephanie humanizing herself, playing the whole “victim” card while also slapping around Roman Reigns in good measure for the beating he laid on upon Triple H the night before at TLC. They play off each other a bit, Reigns playing the father figure card (this real time stuff was nice to see, felt genuine and not forced)She stated that his punishment would be decided by Mr. McMahon later on that night.(Normally I shrug when I see Stephanie in the ring however this was different. She had real purpose and not some ego-ridden excuse to share camera time. It was new-ish but the reveal of Vince being on TV was very concerning)

Dolph Ziggler v. Dean Ambrose
-These 2 have had a few matches before and still know how to have a decent match to this day. The match was broken up by a very upset Kevin Owens who leveled Ambrose with a few powerbombs and Ziggler with a powerbomb ON Dean Ambrose. I’m hoping this leads to a killer triple threat at Royal Rumble if they decide to spice up the rematch a little bit.

Vince McMahon interrupts R-Truth v. Bo Dallas to give Reigns his ultimatum. (Now, the whole part about making Reigns “sweat” the punishment was very fake to me. Vince clearly has an ego and doesn’t care who knows it)
-Mr. McMahon confronts Roman Reigns and it appears that he is getting ready to terminate him/or attempt to fight him(this got lost very fast it felt like) until Sheamus comes out and demands to handle Reigns himself and make him apologize to Vince for his actions the following night. Vince then says that Sheamus will get Reigns in the main event (for the WWE world heavyweight championship) and if Reigns loses, he will be fired while making another testicle joke. The exlclamation point was McMahon kicking Roman in his empire between the legs for good measure. (This feels very similar in a certain way…*cough Daniel Bryan cough*

League of Nations vs. Ryback and Jack Swagger
-Very average tag team match. I wonder where Barrett is.. oh well, one Lana distraction later and the League wins via surprise kick from Rusev. Yeah, from beating John Cena to md-card is where these guys are at now.

(Rosebush Segment)-Skipped it. If you are upset about that, you must be a masochist.

Tyler Breese vs. Neville
-Very good match between the 2. They have had their bouts in NXT so they are familiar with each other. The only drawback was that Miz has ringside playing the director role for some reason. Neville gets the win with the red arrow while Miz just struggles to get people to notice him. They continue this annying duo experience backstage with Miz trying to use Star Wars as a cheap pop and trying to imitate him. WWE, you are better then that.

ECW Originals vs. The Wyatt Family (Extreme rules match)
-You want chaos? Here it is. They brought everything AND the kitchen sink. Both sides went to war with each other here and it was good ol’ fashioned fun again! Rowan appeared to have shown up tonight after being the only Wyatt eliminated at TLC, getting the win for his team by splashing Rhyno through a table from the ropes. Nicely done!

(New Day/Usos/Lucha Dragons Segment)
-New Day comes out and offers their respects to both teams for their match the night prior(Uso’s coming out first then Lucha Dragons) The offer their hands in respect and after a refusal the begin with, they all shake hands. It wasn’t until the contenders were leaving the ring that the New Day started celebrating their win and continued tag team championship reign that they brought the fight back to them. More to come from these 6 please!!

Charlotte & Becky Lynch vs. Brie Bella & Alicia Fox
-Nothing too special here sadly. Repeat match. Flair trips up Fox and Becky locks in the Disarmer for the victory without her knowing of the trip-up. Team B.A.D. sat ringside for ambiance.

Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns(WWE world heavyweight championship)
(If Roman loses, he is fired)
-Roman brought the fight and he brought it with some fierce power. He easily had the upper hand from the beginning and continue to dominate through the start. Sheamus battled back but was unable to slow down Reigns. Roman then catches Sheamus with his Superman punch, ref goes for the count and gets pulled out of the ring by a ringside Vince McMahon. Sheamus then hits his irish curse backbreaker on an unsuspecting Reigns, 2 count. Vince then grabs the ref’s attention which allowed the League of Nations(Again, where is Barret?) to interefere. Reigns fought off both men but was then struck with a Brogue Kick from Sheamus, again.. 2 count. Vince climbs on the ring and argues with the ref until he is struck with a superman punch from Reigns who then counters a 2nd Brogue kick with a spear. Roman wins the title, kicks Vince off the outside ring onto the floor and celebrates to a very excited crowd.

-Okay now. The streak is broken, we have an alright RAW. It wasn’t perfect but it was a vast improvement over last month’s shows. The start was nice, brought a good change of pace and for once I wasn’t bored with Reigns. Vince clearly is stuck in character or he really thinks his ego wins people over in 2015(might be a little of both) either way his segment with Roman felt very similar to HHH and Daniel Bryan from almost 2 years ago. Not a whole lot of matches tonight, not counting the truth/dallas match.. there was only 6 matches. That’s unexcusable! A 3 hour show with only 6 matches and a whole lot of talking. The matches themselves, on average, were good but few. But the biggest story is Reigns winning the title. WWE knows that with Sheamus at the helm, it can’t do what it wants. Sheamus is far too boring in the ring and on the mic to be the company top heel so they are going with backup plan A(get the title off him for now). Reigns may still have his Wrestlemania moment next year despite an early title win but we will see. I also want to add that while Vince was the icing on the cake for Reigns to be over with the fans it was also his choosing to make Sheamus as champ so.. 50/50 on this for now. lol

Better show. Looking forward to next week!!

-Erik M.-


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