Editorial: Why do I love professional wrestling

Earlier this week, a video was posted on YouTube with Mike Quackenbush answering a simple question, why does he love professional wrestling?  If you haven’t seen the video yet, watch the video here and then I will answer the same question.



I feel like ever since I was a kid as far back as I can remember, I’ve been asked my countless people why do you love professional wrestling?  Well, as a kid the easy answer would be many different answers such as I think these guys are cool, I want them to win because they are the good guys and I want to grow up and do that someday.

But as an adult, you look even harder into that question with an answer that you have to give.  Let me tell you why I love professional wrestling.  I love professional wrestling because for those hours of my life where if something is going wrong in my life, or if I’m not in the best mood I know by watching wrestling I can feel happy, I feel better about myself.  Wrestling takes me out of what’s going on in the real world and brings me to a world where I believe that this guy is going to win somehow someway.  It brings a group of strangers together from all walks of life no matter where we come from or what we do we join together either it be in a big arena or some small school gym to enjoy wrestling.

Another reason I love wrestling is because of emotion.  Wrestling to me, unlike any other form of entertainment brings a different emotion out of me.  If it’s a burning hate for one man or group for a specific action that they perpetrated on my favorite wrestler and I want to see them get what they deserve, or if it’s celebrating with an underdog who has no reason to be in the main event and become the champion of the world and it makes people cry.  That’s the emotion wrestling brings out of people.

One more thing I love about wrestling and this is a world you rarely don’t hear these days in the world is loyalty.  Beyond a shadow of a doubt the most loyal fans of any genre of entertainment either it be music, sports, movies or anything else are wrestling fans.  In this day and age where access to videos of thousands of matches from hundreds of promotions from all over the world is easier to get to then ever before, fans will always watch wrestling.  If they like one brand for a while and then they start to realize it’s not as good as it once was, they will go to something else.  It doesn’t mean they don’t watch wrestling anymore it means that they like what’s new and fresh but can respect the past and the rich history of wrestling.

No matter how long you’ve been a fan of wrestling we’ve all gone through the ups and downs with wrestling.  We’ve been through the good times and we’ve been through the bad times but I’ve stuck by wrestling for my entire life and it seems like every year it always surprises me and always keeps me entertained.  That’s why I love professional wrestling.  Why do you love professional wrestling?

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