Monday Night Raw 12/21/15 Review

-Tonight is Slammy Night! Every year, the WWE presents awards in various catergories and gives them to their stars.. kind of like the Oscar’s except with more physical talent. So, tonight’s show is a combination of celebration and also a Monday Night Raw. Was it a festive edition of Raw or did the Grinch steal Christmas on this week’s show? Let’s find out!!

Opening Segment:
-Stephanie McMahon came out to start RAW for the 2nd Monday in a row. She showed her resolve to the crowd, who was still hot on the heels of Roman Reigns’ title win from last week. It wasn’t long until her “night of celebration” was foiled by Roman Reigns, enter crowd right. The two
had an exchange in the ring and turned his back on her. What does the Million-dollar princess do? She books matches for The Uso’s and for Dean Ambrose later on.

Initial reaction:
-The crowd was white hot for Reigns, which is fantastic! However the biggest flop was the interraction. The dialogue felt very childish and oddly placed, kind of similar to children bickering about random stuff. Stephanie, at least in my own opinion, should have been ENRAGED and
almost to the point of actually killing Reigns for what he did to her husband and father.
(Ziggler presents Slammy for “Breakout Star of the Year”/ Winner: Neville)
-Kevin Owens came out to interrupt Neville’s celebration, telling him to leave. Owens then argued his claims, stating that he should have been the winner while naming off all of his accomplishments this past year. It then led to an Owens/Ziggler brawl on the ramp which would soon turn into a
match tonight.

Kane v. Bray Wyatt
-Kane returns to do battle against the eater of worlds.. it was a very short match in which the rest of the Wyatt family came down to aide Bray causing the DQ finish.. enter the ECW originals to Kane’s rescue.. REMATCH AND RE-BOOK.

Wyatt Family vs. Kane, The Dudley Boyz and Tommy Dreamer
-Very short matches. Wyatt’s get the win courtesy of a Discus Clothesline from Luke Harper. Stowman did hit an impressive double clothesline on the Dudley’s but it all felt very hurried. Wyatt’s are looking more and more unstoppable as the weeks progress.

(Santino Marella presents Slammy for “LOL! Moment of the Year/ Winner: R-Truth)
-Okay, the moment itself was actually pretty hilarious. (Back before Money in the Bank ppv, Truth came out on a Raw and stated how he was going to win the suitcase only to be interrupted by Corporate Kane telling him that he wasn’t even in the match) Santino then accepted the award on Truth’s behalf, Truth entered the stage and then chased after a fleeing Marella with his Slammy

(Paul Heyman presents Slammy for “OMG! Shocking moment of the Year/ Winner: Kalisto)
-The Kalisto finisher off the top of one ladder and onto another is easily a top pick for this award. Most of the other nominee’s were okay but none were that extreme. Paul presenting the award was an interesting pick.. not that I’m complaining but maybe having a Tommy Dreamer or maybe even a Dean Ambrose present the award would have helped put Kalisto over a bit more.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens
-This match IMMEDIATELY went into the 2 throwing fists at each other.(Insert JR joke). Ziggler was the victim of a very angry Owens who flung him around the ring a bit. Ziggler did manage to land a very impressive 2nd rope fame-aser, but it was Owens who capitalized with a surprise pop-up powerbomb for the victory.

-Another great match between these 2. I try not to spoil the meat of the matches excet for the finish only because there is a lot more to see. The ongoing rivalry did see some evolution tonight as Owens is becoming more and more angry while not only looking to reclaim his title but also dealing with Ziggler as well. This potential triple threat main event is looking more and more enticing by the moment. The slammy brawl only helped to fuel it longer. Feels like battles of old.

(Stephanie McMahon presents Superstar of the Year/ Winner: Seth Rollins)
-This was my pick for the win. Seth freaking Rollins came out to accept the award, crutches and all. Seth woud go on to say that the following year, he would rebuild himself and get the title that he never lost back in his hands. Obviosuly, playing off his cocky attitude, also stating that no one else could have won due to his accomplishments. Seth FTW!

(WWE announces that John Cena will return next week to face Alberto Del Rio/U.S. title match)

Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger
-Del Rio dominated the match early on, with the rest of his league brethren at ringside. Swagger tried to disrupt his offense with his own but was unable to get the job done. One double stomp in the corner from Alberto was enough to put Swagger away… until Sheamus hit a brogue kick for good measure.

-This was obviously meant to feed someone to Alberto, which only begs to ask “Why is Swagger still here?” Not an entertaining match at all. I really wish they would stop using guys like Swagger in PPV’s only to have them lose the following weeks.

(Mark Henry presents the “Hero in all of us” slammy/ Winner: John Cena)
-Henry accepted the award on Cena’ behalf.. because John wasn’t there to do it on his own. More on this award later on…

(Bo Dallas presents the “Surprise return of the year” slammy/ Winner: Sting)
-Bo dressed up as Santa, No sting to accept the reward…. sigh..

The Usos vs. The New Day(2 on 3 Handicap match)
-Xavier Woods knows exactly what to say to get people all pissed off. Citing how TND should have won all the awards and how even Sting wins a slammy but doesn’t even show up to accept it. But anyways, the 5 of these had a decent match, nothing too memorable. Jey would get the win via
roll-up pin.

-Good match but my one and only issue is that there isn’t any glue to hold this rivalry together.. it’s just there for the sake of making a match. Still a good match but The Uso’s being in the hunt still makes no sense for how long they have been out and how over the Lucha Dragons are.. Personal
opinions aside, wrestling-wise, good stuff!

(R-Truth presents the “Diva of the Year” slammy/ Winner: Nikki Bella)
-(Insert Steve Harvey joke.. I never was much of a pop culture humor kind of guy) Paige came out only to have Truth admit he made a mistake and declare Nikki the winner. Everyone hugged it out.. Again, more on this later..

Neville vs. Rusev
-League was again prominant at ringside. The 2 surprisingly had a good match, despite how I feel about Rusev. The Miz angle is also not as annoying as I thought too. Happy thoughts across the board! Neville would hold off Rusev as long as possible but his strength was too much and Rusev hits a nasty superkick for the win.. Sheamus again adds insult to injury with a Brogue Kick.

-League of Nations as a midcard heel group makes more sense then having them protect Sheamus. Having them start so high, it was doomed to not impress. Throughout the night, they would be shadowing matches and add more pain to the fold. Without a champion to protect, it’ 4 powerful guys who plan on dominating the roster. I can get behind that.

(The Miz presnts the “This is Awesome” moment slammy/ Winner: The Rock & Ronda Rousey)
-The Miz accepts the award on their behalf, listing his movie accomplishment in the process..

Becky Lynch vs. Brie Bella
-Brie worked Becky’s arm most of the match. Becky often went back to nursing it while Brie mounted her offense. It wasn’t long before Lynch dodged out of Brie’s La Magristal and locked in her own move, The Disarmer, for the win.

-Brie, the less talented one, should not be the one that Becky is wrestling. Get someone else in there please, I feel like the more she wrestles less talented people, the less it helps her.

(Ric Flair presents “Match of the Year” slammy/ Winner: Lesnar vs. Undertaker)
-Lesnar’s music, no Lesnar. Enter Paul Heyman to accet the award. “Lesnar has no desire to accept awards. Brock Lesnar wants to come for a fight!”

Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose (Steel Cage match)
-This was a fairly short main event match. It dragged to a very slow start after Sheamus Brogue Kicked Ambrose before he even got into the cage. Ambrose would eventually battle back against Sheamus then try to escape the cage. One top rope “White Noise” later and Sheamus looked to get
the pinfall only to be foiled with a kickout at 2. Dean then threw Sheamus into the Cage and tried to climb out ONLY to be met by the rest of the League of Nations. Ambrose bailed on escaping and decided to drop a top cage elbow onto Sheamus..Kickout at 2. Enter Roman Reigns and a steel
chair. Throws the chair into the ring, Ambrose uses it on Sheamus. The 2 would then find themselves clinging on the outside of the cage, Reigns laid waste to everyone else at ringside and Ambrose would hit the floor first and claim his victory.
Final Thoughts:
-The last few weeks, it’s no surprise that the product has been lackluster at best. But the last couple of weeks it sees like the WWE is starting to get it back into gear. The matches themselves were good, despite a boring Swagger/Del Rio match. The only major drawback to RAW was the lack of
starpower for their own award show. No Lesnar, No Rock, No Sting and No Cena. Not even some “via satellite” footage. That felt very lazy and since the company goes out of it’s way to promote the Slammy awards this was an unexcusable offense. The jokes were blah.. The one who got it the
worst of all was The Miz. How do you cover for The Rock AND Ronda Rousey?

Anyways, 4 major people to win awards and those 4 weren’t on the show in any fashion. Lesnar and Rock are money issues. Sting is home resting before his neck surgery and Cena.. who knows? I’m only saying that if you are going to have these big names win awards on your show once a year, do something to have them be a part of it. Having someone else accet the award just feels empty and the humor alone wont sell the segment. Besides all of that, this was a decent RAW. A lot is left untold right now (Sheamus vs. Reigns rematch? McMahon/Triple H, etc..) but this show was easy on the stomach, it cut out most of the B.S. stuff like gossip segments and corny Christmas slap- stick. Not bad, Really looking forward to next week. Give it a watch and get yourself caught up!

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