ECWA Super 8 2016 News 12/23/15

Third entrant in the ECWA Super 8 announced: A GOD comes home


ECWA is one of the longest running independent wrestling promotions in the country. In the almost 50 years of history, top notch professional wrestling has always been the companies calling card. The men and women who have sacrificed their bodies for the ECWA faithful many times have become house hold names whether it’s been in WWE, TNA, ROH, or even around the world! One of the main reasons for that is the long running Super 8 Tournament… which is coming up on it’s 20 year anniversary! The Super 8 is a one day, single elimination tournament for the much sought after Super 8 trophy. And with victory comes the spoils… all of our winners get national magazine exposure which has often led to bigger and better things! Our winners and participants list reads likes a who’s who of today’s wrestling stars. Names like Austin Aries, Christopher Daniels, Matt & Jeff Hardy, Low Ki, WWE’s Xavier Woods, and perhaps the biggest name to never win the tournament, former WWE champion Daniel Bryan! How’s that for a lasting legacy? The Super 8 has been copied and replicated dozens of times over the years since the 1997 inaugural show. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery and ECWA is proud of it’s history of innovation!


20 years… that’s a long time for anything to last. So ECWA management wanted to do something special to celebrate  this HUGE occasion that the fans would truly enjoy. What innovation come out of this brain storming? It’s been announced that on Saturday April, 23, 2016 it will be an ALL STAR EDITION of the tournament! The only men who will be selected to participate are past winners and participants. That means ANYTHING can happen! ANYONE from the past could be in this year’s tournament. Maybe a chance at redemption for those that fell just short!


Two men out of the field of eight have been announced… 2015 Super 8 champion ‘The Gift’ Jason Kincaid… 5 time TNA tag team champion & the 2006 Super 8 champion ‘The American Wolf’ Davey Richards… and now the third man has been officially announced.


This participant should be well known to the ECWA faithful. He ruled the company from 2010-2014. And by ruled we mean he DOMINATED almost every single man he stepped into a ring with. He’s ruthless hatred of his opponents made him so deadly it took almost 2 years for him to be defeated in ECWA. He’s an ECWA Hall of Famer, a former ECWA Mid Atlantic Champion, the LONGEST REIGNING ECWA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION IN ECWA HISTORY… at over 500 days as champion… and the 2012 Super 8 Champion.


He is known other than the ‘GREEK GOD’ PAPADON!


Papadon is a savvy ring veteran that has traveled all over the country working on his craft. Often times, he is in what many consider the match of the night or even match of the year in whatever promotion he wrestles in. His beautiful blend of technical, speed, and power wrestling has made him one of the most formidable wrestlers in the world for well over a decade. He’s destroyed WWE stars like Goldust and even chased the legendary NWA Heavyweight title. Papadon is a wrestler’s wrestler and his knowledge of the business has been his most valuable asset in such a long, successful career.


Papadon is etched into Super 8 history… not only did he win the 2012 Super 8 tournament but he came within inches of being the 2013 Super 8 as well. This will be his THIRD Super 8 tournament. So it only seems fitting he’s the third man announced in the field of eight.


Just like the men announced before him he is also chasing down history. Papadon can become the second man to win TWO SUPER 8 TOURNAMENTS. Even more, he’s only the third man to appear in more than two Super 8’s. The other two? One named Tommaso Ciampa who competed in 3 Super 8’s before he finally won it in 2011. And Christopher Daniels who is the ONLY MAN to win 2 tournaments. How’s that for chasing history? He can win his second Super 8 championship and ALSO be the second man to win the tournament on his third try!


Three entrants down and ALL THREE are FORMER WINNERS OF THE SUPER 8!


This is why this ALL STAR SUPER 8 TOURNAMENT is so intriguing. With all of these men former competitors everyone is hungry to make their mark and steal the spotlight. One of these men will make history come Saturday April 23, 2016!


With the other 5 participants still a mystery, the idea of a tournament with three men like Davey Richards, Jason Kincaid, and Papadon is absolutely mind blowing information that all wrestling fans should be excited about!


This is why ECWA is always on the cutting edge of innovation in the pro wrestling industry… you never know when you’ll see history in the making!


This is GROUND BREAKING NEWS that will shake independent wrestling to it’s core! The ALL STAR SUPER 8 TOURNAMENT is going to be the BIGGEST SHOW in independent wrestling history when it’s all said and done, and you can bank on it. Saturday April 23 is a date to mark on your calendar ASAP!


2015 ECWA Super 8 Champion ‘The Gift’ Jason Kincaid is the first entrant. Davey Richards the second entrant. History on the line… who could possibly be the next entrant announced?


If past history is any indication ECWA management is cooking up something spectacular at this very moment! Stay tuned to all ECWA channels for news on ECWA shows and most importantly all news regarding the All Star Super 8 Tournament!


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ECWA Heavyweight Championship

Sean Carr ( c) vs. Breaker Morant




ECWA Mid Atlantic Champion Bobby Shields & South Philly’s Finest (Jimmy Konway & Luca Brazzi) vs. Pan Corp Agency (ECWA tag team champions Damian Adams & Ricky Martinez, & Azrieal) w/ AJ Pan


ECWA Women’s Championship

Deonna Purrazzo ( c) vs. Maria Manic




Chuck Payne vs. Kyle Payne w/ Joel Blackhart



Napalm Bomb vs. Solo w/Joel Blackhart


Chris Wylde vs. Cory Kastle


Meisure Ooh La La vs. the debuting ‘Old School’ Eric Martin


Plus the Boss’s Chair with Mike Tartaglia featuring Zac Connor

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