WWN Live News January 5, 2016

WWN Freebie From EVOLVE 43: Johnny Gargano & Rich Swann vs. Drew Gulak & Tracy Williams For The DGUSA Tag Titles!


Welcome to the first WWN Alerts of 2016. We are going to start things with a special edition looking at the Sate Of WWN. Let’s get to it….


2015 proved to be a momentum building year for the entire WWN Family. We were able to take your support and invest it back in our brands to make them better for you. Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting developments and where they lead us going into 2016:


-“I love what EVOLVE does.” – HHH at the NXT Brooklyn conference call


Those words started months of speculation as to what, if any, relationship there is between WWE and WWN. We are all in uncharted waters here and there is no telling what will happen next. We are all in this together. One of the more exciting aspects was seeing Sami Zayn in an EVOLVE ring while Johnny Gargano became a regular on NXT TV. This is going to be a very unpredictable and fun ride for us all.


-EVOLVE had arguably its best year in history with a focused identity, unique show formats and acclaimed events. 2016 will already start out with the next evolution of EVOLVE as we crown our first EVOLVE Tag Team Champions in a three-day tournament on January 22nd-24th in Ybor City and Orlando, FL. This will put more emphasis on tag team wrestling in EVOLVE. Go to www.DGUSA.tv for more info. 


-SHINE continued to present serious, athletic women’s wrestling with a series of well received events featuring the top talent from all over the world. SHINE will strive to raise the bar with in ring action and exciting storylines featuring the top women wrestlers in 2016.


-FIP solidified it’s place in the WWN Family by featuring upcoming talent from around the United States. This is best exemplified with the Fallout events, which featured a six man tag team tournament. The tourney saw athletes representing a multitude of independent promotions with several breakout performances. FIP will continue to look for breakout stars in 2016.


-ACW joined the WWN Family and became a home for local Florida talent. They are known for having a hot crowd for their regular events in New Port Richey, FL, including shows every Wednesday night at Tropical Island Breeze. Go to www.ACWFlorida.com for more info.


-In addition to those core promotions, WWN introduced Viva La Lucha with a tour of Lucha wrestlers of Florida. We are very excited to bring Viva La Lucha to the WWNLive Experience in Dallas on April 1st. This is the first time we’ve presented a Lucha Libre show on the biggest wrestling weekend of the year. Go to www.MoreThanMania.com for info.


-2015 saw an emphasis on establishing New York and Florida as homebases, in particular La Boom in Queens, NY and The Orpheum in Ybor City, FL. Of course, we always travel to the location of Wrestlemania to be part of the biggest wrestling weekend of the year. A goal in 2016 is to expand to more areas.


-Of course, we will be in Dallas for Wrestlemania weekend for the WWNLive Experience. This year will feature a very special event as we honor Terry Funk at WWN Supershow: Mercury Rising 2016 on April 2nd. In addition, we have the Funk’s Grill BBQ Tailgate right outside Texas Stadium before Wrestlemania. Go to www.MoreThanMania.com for details. ALERT: Our deal on hotels expires on January 6th. Book these deals at www.MoreThanMania.com but act before tomorrow to get these prices:


Hotel Indigo Dallas Downtown
1933 Main Street
Dallas, TX 75201
Double Queen – $159.00


Aloft Dallas Downtown
1033 Young Street
Dallas, TX 75202
King Loft – $165.00
Double Queen – $175.00


-We heard your demands for physical media. The DVD model was no longer sustainable for us, but we finally found a solution. A major development was moving from DVDs to Blu-rays and taking production in house. The result has been about 20 Blu-rays released and in production. There will be constant Blu-ray releases for all our brands. Right now we have EVOLVE, SHINE and FIP Blu-rays in production.Our goal is to release every WWN title on Blu-ray, starting with the most recent releases and then catching up on past ones. Get ready for a plethora of Blu-rays from WWN in 2016! Go to the store at www.DGUSA.tv for a complete selection. Remember, we always have Blu-ray 2 and 3 Pack Deals so you can save money even if there’s not a sale.


-At the same time, www.WWNLive.com continued to grow as almost every WWN event was broadcast on live iPPV. In addition, there were almost no glitches in the live streaming service. We also saw the addition of new promotions to our live and on demand services. The WWN Roku Channel continued to grow. We hope for more expansion in 2016.


-We were fortunate to build an excellent production staff headed by Trevin Adams, Josh Garvin, Brandon Martin and Ed Griswold. Michael Pancoast of Pancoast Production has been invaluable. We wouldn’t be able to pull off our live events without the help of Heath, Kyle, Carlos, David, Shiori, Teruyoshi, Brandon, Frankie, Billy, Brian and the entire FTW crew headed by Mikey. We greatly appreciate the help of everyone who served on our crew in 2015 and made the events happen. These are all hard-working and talented individuals and we are proud to have them in the WWN Family.


-We put more emphasis on our www.Youtube.com/DGUSAdotTV with free matches, more recap videos and the introduction of our Mini-Doc series by Kenny Johnson with episodes on Timothy Thatcher, Drew Gulak and most recently Tracy Williams. We look forward to more of these excellent documentaries in 2016.

In the last few months, we held the first WWN Seminar/Tryouts with Drew Gulak and Gabe Sapolsky. The Seminar/Tryouts were a great success with nine wrestlers and a referee seeing action in EVOLVE. Many others are now on the radar. Everyone learned something. The Seminar/Tryout has now been expanded and wrestlers will now have an opportunity to leave with professionally edited HD footage. The 1st new and expanded WWN Seminar/Tryout will be January 22nd in Ybor City, FL. Go to the DGUSA.tv Seminar/Tryout section for info.


-On that note, we are very proud to announce that the WWN Academy is opening in Hudson, FL tonight with an open house. This will be the official school of the WWN Family.

-We’ve said it before and it’s not just promoter talk. We want you to know this: We owe everything to you. We are a mom and pop operation in a world of promotions backed by billion dollar companies and TV conglomerates. You have many options as to where to spend your hard earned leisure money and time. We consider it an honor everytime you pick any of the WWN Family brands. We give you our deepest and most sincere appreciation. You make this all happen. We hope you are happy with our progress in 2015. We look forward to making things even better in 2016. We welcome all your feedback and suggestions. Email us at Help@DGUSA.tv or use the social network buttons below to contact us. Get ready for an amazing ride in 2016! We’ll have a loaded WWN Alerts tomorrow with lots of match and talent announcements for the upcoming shows. Thank you for reading.


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