TNA Review 1/6/2016

Yeah, I will admit it I am a TNA fan. I have been one for a long time, since 2009.

Am I sad about the current state of TNA Wrestling? Of course who is not. Does that mean I do not enjoy the current product, not necessarily. In some ways, I enjoy it more than watching Raw. Tonight did a lot of things right, and a few things very wrong.

So what happened this week on TNA?

TNA Recap and THOUGHTS 1/6/2016

Opening segment with Dixie Carter and EC3. Matt Hardy and Lashley later join the party, and a brawl erupts.

EC3 is TNA. Do not believe me, then watch this:

If you do not find that funny, then you do not like wrestling and you have a horrible sense of humor.

EC3 shines in this opening segment. He wants to make up with his Aunt Dixie and says there is no time for a family reunion. Matt Hardy interrupts and says he is going to win. Eric Young attacks Hardy from behind, and Lashley comes out to save him. Then BRAWL!

Lashley Vs EC3 in a semifinal match for the TNA world title. EC3 advances.

It’s a match, and I will not tell a lie, I am no big fan of Bobby Trashley. Pope called out Tyrus but when Tyrus approached him and he chickened out. He told Tyrus that he was just here to do commentary with Josh. It was pretty funny.

Kurt Angle farewell tour announcement. Next week he will face Drew Galloway because respect, respect, respect.

Angle comes out and talks about meh feelings. He references all his matches with the greats: The Rock, Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan, see the problem here, all WWE guys. The angle must be sucking up to the WWE, hoping he can work for them after his farewell tour. I am not going to lie here either; I am not a fan of Angle. Sure, he had a few funny moments in WWE (the milk truck,) but I have never cared for him. Angle then mentions a few great TNA opponents and says he wants to face a few guys on the way out. He calls out Drew Galloway and says he wants to have a match with him before he leaves. Drew comes out and he and Angle talk about respect, respect, respect. Godderz and Drake both interrupt and say they were left out of the TNA best list. They rush the ring and are bested.

Backstage segment with Borash and Jeff Hardy. Jeff mentions he didn’t run out to save his brother earlier because he was getting Matt’s family settled into the dressing room.

Matty Hardy Vs Eric Young in a semifinal match for the TNA world title. Matt Hardy advances.

Ok, match. Matt Hardy is out of shape that is for sure. It saddens me when people call him Fatt Hardy. Eric Young gives him a nasty piledriver on the bare floor. Jeff comes out to check on him. Hardy hits a Twist of Fate out of nowhere for the win.

Backstage segment with Jeff Hardy, EC3, and Tyrus. EC3 blames Jeff for the loss at Bound for Glory because he was the special guest referee. Jeff says Matt will be champion tonight.

Bobby Roode vs. Bram for the King of the Mountain Championship. Roode retains.

Weakest match of the night by far. Roode put out an open challenge, and we got Bram, yay! After the match, Young comes out and attacks Roode. Bram and Young double team, Roode. Storm comes out for the save. WE GET A BEER MONEY REUNION! One of the best things of the night by far after a lackluster match.

Backstage segment with Borash and The Beautiful People. Nothing to comment. TBP announce they will get a special replacement tonight for their match against the Dollhouse since Angelina Love is suddenly very pregnant (that is what you get TNA for taping so many months previously so far in advance, granted it would not have done much good anyway since Angelina Love is seven months pregnant.)

TBP vs. TDH. Gail Kim wins for The Beautiful People.

Gail Kim comes out as the replacement for Angelina Love, BIG SURPRISE THERE. Average match, but it reminds me of a cold hard truth. For a while the Knockouts were something over the Divas, after the real Diva Revolution and NXT, not so much. WWE is where it is at now for women’s wrestling. Makes me a little sad.


Surprise, it is Mike Bennett and Maria. I have not watched a lot of ROH honor but many of people like them.
Damn good promo, one of the best I have seen in a while in TNA. Mike pretty much says he will be the savior of TNA, we will see.

Backstage segment with Angle, Galloway, The Wolves, and Drake and Godderz. We get a three-way tag team match next week out of it. Yay?

EC3 Vs Matt Hardy for the TNA World Title. EC3.

Above-average match, Matt Hardy missed a few steps during the match and was out of shape for sure. EC3 looked like the golden boy of TNA. He survived three Twist of Fate’s from Matt Hardy and won with a 1% off the top rope. The commentary was also ok for this match, with Josh acting surprised over the back in forth of the match. What do you think will happen next for EC3? Will he face Tyrus or Matt Hardy or both in a three-way match for the title? Let me know in the comment section.

TNA 1/6/2016 Rating

I give this episode of TNA Impact four sides out of a six-sided ring. It was a good debut episode and exactly what TNA needed for its launch on POP TV. Average matches and good backstage segments with a few new things (Storm, Bennett.) There is one thing that WWE could take from TNA, and that is more backstage segments. Here is to the future of TNA, I hope you will continue the journey with me.

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