New writer coming to That Wrestling Show

Some big news here, novel writer Kristal McKerrington will be joining our website staff real soon.  For those who don’t know her work, she is an up and coming novel writer who has a great imagination.  To get you ready, she has sent a little bit of her work for everybody to read.  We hope you enjoy it.


Spoiled Blood Part One..



Rhino is making calls that he’s trying to keep from the other wrestlers around him. He is showing a great deal of concern over something and shows Joe E Legend a note that he has gotten. It makes Joe E Legend very nervous and he tells him that he will not let anything happen to her.

We see the situation with Rhino and Joe E Legend getting notes, post it notes on their locker room doors or gifts that make them nervous or really anxious. The pair continue to take their anger out on other tag teams.

During these weeks we see a series of mystery videos that are full of clues. The night that Rhino and Joe E Legend are up for a title match the video plays while they are in the ring from Raven’s flock member telling some of the personal history of Joe and Rhino have shared with Raven. Also some of their personal history between each other and the ‘her’.

(Doing the reality element will help to keep any viewers that the show picks up from the Reality TV show audience while keeping it in the wrestling bubble for the audience that is currently watching the show.)

About four weeks in we see Rhino and Joe E Legend get a chance to win the tag team titles. Rhino and Joe do whatever they can to win the titles, close to the end of the match Raven appears costing them the titles.

Raven is complaining about the past and he is sharing personal stories between the four of them. He explains that there was more history to the three of them no one ever knew and that he had some bad blood. Raven exposes that Joe E Legend is always the “saviour of Rhino”. But no more.

The Flock appear around the ring and Rhino backs up with Joe, they are really out numbered. When the Flock divides in half Rhino and Joe try to fight them off, but they are beaten down. Joe is taken from the ring and dragged to the back, limp. Raven laughs during the whole event.

Over several weeks we see Joe being put through some horrific things by Raven or his Flock members as they try to get Joe to see their truth. Raven constantly taunts Rhino through out these videos as Rhino turns up every week to not find Joe there. Rhino constantly searches the buildings that they are in, however always being two seconds to late. He is put through tag team matches, handicap matches and other embarrassing matches while he tries to get a shot at Raven.


Raven is always dropping hints to Rhino about what it would take to get his friend back. He even goes so far as to tell Rhino that he has met Rhino’s little secret and the secret will not be kept.

Blood or friendship?

Rhino finally begs even pleads for a match against Raven, but Raven keeps refusing or using his powerful lawyer to get of it. This goes on for several weeks, including Raven getting out of his own match “The Clockwork Orange.”

Raven shows Rhino him going into a hotel room and we see Rhino going frantic at ring side. Him finding a Flock member and beating him until the rest of the roster pulls him off. We see Raven shut the door with a huge smile on his face and Rhino takes off running to his car.

The following week the viewer learns that when Rhino gets to the room his twenty something daughter is mission. The commentators are adding to the storyline as it plays out. They say that Raven has gone to far. This leads to Raven appearing on the screen saying he’s not gone far enough.

The viewer sees the manager of the show giving Rhino the night off and he doesn’t want it. Rhino’s desperate to face and destroy someone. After intimating the manager Rhino gets a match that he wants. He’s facing one of Raven’s Flock members in “Weapons For All Match” which is Rhino’s version of Raven’s favourite match.

During the match Joe E Legend pops up in the middle of the match with a totally different appearance and reaction towards his friend. There is a stare down before Joe attacks Rhino with a series of hard moves then with weapons. He’s screaming at Rhino that he had to do this. How sorry he is.

The following week Rhino demands Joe to come out and instead he gets the Flock members. Rhino injures and takes out two members of the Flock before Stevie Richards joins Rhino where he fights against the Flock.  Stevie says he has history with both Raven and Joe, he wants pay back. He joins Rhino’s fight.

In the middle of the ring the following week Rhino breaks a limb of one of the Flock as he reminds Joe and Raven why he was called “the bone breaker.” Joe watches on the stage as he watches his friend laying hurt in the ring while his former best friends wants to do the same to him.

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