Monday Night RAW review! (1/11/2016) – “No chance in Hell!”

Raw starts with a video package re-capping the events
from last week and the Rumble match being the title
match. We then cut the stage with 99% of the locker
room standing in attendance. Vince and Stephanie walk
down to the ring arm in arm.(23 year anniversary of
RAW was tonight). They go on about how anyone of
those men could win the title that night(pointing out guys
like Ziggler and Owens and The New Day). The Wyatt’s
interrupt and seize the commentary table and exposit
“Anyone but you, Roman”. Vince then says that even
Lesnar could win(early tip off).. Then enter Roman
Reigns. He says he isn’t there to beat up Vince but to
ask “What happens when I win?”.. Stephanie and Vince
laugh at it but quickly say that Roman will be in a “One
vs All” match later on in the night but for now Dean
would kick-off Raw in a match against Sheamus who
attacked Dean from behind and made his way to the

Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus
-Sheamus starts with a flurry of punches and slams.
Dean tries to mount a comback but is quickly tossed
outside and Sheamus continues his attack. Sheamus
would remain on the offensive for the majority of the
match until Dean would tie up Sheamus on the top rope
and attempt the 10 beats but Sheamus easily tosses
Ambrose outside and front suplex slams Dean onto the
announce table. More Sheamus offense continues, even
a diving leap to the outside wasn’t enough to slow down
Sheamus and he would lock in a cloverleaf submission to
Dean but he crawled to the ropes. Dean suddenly got a
2nd win and used it to finally slow down Sheamus. It
wouldn’t last too long as both men would brawl outside
the ring and get counted out. Ambrose would still lay
waste to Sheamus until Kevin Owens rushes Ambrose
from behind and takes him out. Multiple refs come out
to seperate Owens from a lifeless Ambrose.

-Rene Young checks with Ambrose in the trainer’s room
to see if he okay. Dean would tell Young that Owen’s
first mistake was leaving him alive and he storms off-

-McMahons are strutting through the hallway until they
are caught off guard by Paul Heyman. The 3 would
discuss about Lesnar competing in the Royal Rumble.
Heyman then states that maybe Lesnar WOULDN’T
want to compete in the Royal Rumble is because he was
meant for Wrestlemania. Vince disagree’s of course and
Stephanie motions to continue the meeting behind closed

Stardust vs. Titus O’Neil
-This week’s rematch would have Stardust being the
initial aggressor but Titus turned the tides rather
quickly. One low kick to the knee and Stardust goes into
control. Not even a big corner splash could slow down
Stardust as he hits Titus with the side effect. However
this momentum would be over very quick as Titus would
reverse a running attack into Clash of the Titus for the
pinfall win. As Titus celebrates outside the ring, Stardust
then attacks and throws O’Neil into the barracade wall.

-Chris Jericho Highlight Reel: Feat. The New Day)
Social media plugs..blah, blah, blah (Sorry, but Jericho
now feels like Hulk Hogan after leaving TNA.. just there
to sell tickets and be a company billboard.. Harsh, I
know) Enter The New Day. Then enter “ROOTY
TOOTY BOOTY” chants. TND says they are tired of
shameful Chris Jericho in general up until The Uso’s
interrupt. It got funny with Jericho calling Woods a
“Jack-ass” and offered to make a match(Jericho being
in the corner)

The Uso’s vs. Kofi & Big E
-Jimmy and Jey control the start of the match with Kofi
and Big E falling behind. Jericho and Woods stand in
seperate corners. New Day rallies back much to
Xavier’s delight but is chased off by Jericho up the
ramp. Kofi keeps Jey from making the tag and begin the
double team attacks on Jey starting with a massive
outer ring splash from Big E. While Big E holds Jey in
place with an abdominal stretch, you hear Wood’s doing
his own commentary on the outside. Jey just misses the
tag to Jimmy courtesy of Big E pulling Jimmy off the
apron. Kofi quickly takes advantage of the distraction
and tries to pin Jey but gets the 2 count. Jey finally hits
the swinging kick to finally get away from Kofi and tag
in Jimmy who clears the ring. Big E would try to hit the
Big ending on Jimmy but he gets out of the way, Kofi
tries to intervene but gets met with a superkick, he goes
up top to hit the splash but Woods distracts the ref..
enter Jericho who trips up Woods and breaks his
beloved trombone. Jimmy would take advantage of the
distraught Kingston to roll up him for the win.

(John Cena surgery update)

-Cut back to Heyman and Stephanie still talking about
Lesnar only competing at Wrestlemania for sake of
being a prize fighter. Heyman still sticks to his guns and
says no to Lesnar being in the Rumble. Stephanie
replies by saying Lesnar WILL be in the rumble.

-JBL announces the first inductee for the Hall of Fame
class of 2016: Sting-

The Wyatt Family vs. Social Outcasts
-Each outcast takes it’s own turn trying to take on
Strowman but is unable to do anything. Ryback would
enter as payback from last week’s interference and
clears the ring of the family.

-Renee Young interviews Kallisto prior to his U.S. title
match opportunity-

-Kallisto vs. Alberto Del Rio (U.S. championship match)
Alberto Del Rio uses brute force to start the match and
easily over power Kallisto. We see some signs of life
and Kallisto avoids a superplex and hits his spinning
elbow smash, then attempts a huracanrana but Del Rio
throws him to the mat then to the outside for further
punishment. The pain continues for Kallisto as he
struggles to find his groove to as dominant Del Rio. He
would finally be able to get something going as he trips
up Alberto on the top rope and lands a beautiful Super
Huracanrana. 2nd rope spinning elbow and tilt-a-whirl
swinging DDT he goes for a cover but only a 2-count.
Alberto uses a back breaker to slow down Kallisto but
not enough. Del Rio then hits a massive super reverse
suplex on Kallisto and that keeps him down for a bit.
Kallisto tries to hit his Solina del Sol but Alberto falls
backwards forcing Kallisto to fall on the ropes which Del
Rio would set up his 2nd rope stomp. Kallisto leans
back to avoid and hits his kneeling hurcanrana but it
only gets a 2 count. A couple of reverses later and we
see Kallisto reverse a german suplex for the pin
becoming the new U.S. champion!

(Charlotte/ Ric Flair backstage interview)
-Charlotte explains that with all things considered she is
the innocent one while Becky Lynch is one to blame.

Brie Bella vs. Charlotte
-Before the match would even begin, Lynch would storm
the ring and attack Charlotte viciously. You would Becky
say that she is taking Charlotte’s championship AND
her arm. Ric Flair would get a mic and say that his
daughter is in no shape to perform and it was all the fault
of Becky Lynch. We would then see Charlotte “limp” up
the ramp with her father.

(Jojo interviews Lynch backstage)
-Lynch explains that Charlotte betrayed her by putting
her career ahead of their friendship and that now she is
by herself and maybe it’s best that way. Her eyes set on
the Diva’s championship.

Roman Reigns vs. ALL
(-For the sake of writing, I will be brief on the spots but
rather the contestants in order.)
1)Kevin Owens…. and that’s it.

Vince would have all the others storm the ring and
attack Reigns. The pandemonium would be broken up
when Lesnar’s music goes off and the ring clears(minus
a few). Lesnar would destroy everyone in the ring then
F-5 Roman in the middle of the ring. Reigns would stare
down the ramp at Lesnar with a faint laugh with Lesnar
staring back with a smile of his own.
Final Throwdown:
We had 7 matches. Two of them would end in a no-
contest. One of them was a double count out and another
one was canceled before it began. It’s onbvious that
tonight’s show was meant to shape the Royal Rumble.
Not much to critque on what happened, Del Rio/ Kalisto
was easily the match of the night. The talk of Lesnar and
whether he was going to be in the Rumble or not was
interesting at times but you knew he was going to come
out at the end of the show no matter what. So I think it’s
safe to say that Brock Lesnar will be in the Rumble
match. Overall, this was a decent show to watch. It didn’t
have as much content as last week but from a story-
telling aspect, it did it’s job.
The few things I was not a fan of was the Highlight reel
segment. Jericho is a natural in the ring but when he
spouts on about social media and the best back and forth
he can do with New Day is a stupid chant, I’m not left
satisfied. I was also not a fan of Ryback giving us
another Bray wyatt feud.. I remembered them doing this
before and it was underwhelming. I say again, this was
“story” week and this week’s show get’s a rating of
“just passed”. So, give it a watch for the few matches
that had finishes and also seeing Lesnar destroy

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