TNA Review 1/12/2016

TNA this week was a show, just a show.

I have been a fan of TNA forever, and I have to say even I am worried. That being said I still enjoyed some spots this week.


TNA Recap and THOUGHTS 1/12/2016

We open up TNA with a tag team match. That is what it is a tag team match and nothing more.
Rockstar Spud and Grado win over Aiden O’Shea and Mahabali Shera
Shera throws the match when he gets mad at Aiden, beating him down and allowing Spud to get the pin.

This was one of the best segments all night. Jeff Hardy interrupts and he and Ec3 talk about his title win. Jeff Hardy says he is clear to wrestle and wants to challenge him for his brother’s honor tonight to win back the belt. EC3 says he needs to get in the back of the line for the title and that he must face a masked wrestler tonight. It is Shynron!
Jeff Hardy defeats Shynron
This is an ok match. Hardy has some ring rust from his injury.
The Dollhouse defeats The Beautiful People
A boring street fight, nothing to say here.
James Storm and Bobby Roode meet in the ring for a Beer Money reunion. The “crazy brothers” Bram and Eric Young interrupt leading to a match for the King of the Mountain Title between Eric Young and Bobby Roode.
Eric Young Vs. Bobby Roode. New KOTM champion Eric Young!
Eric Young defeats Bobby Roode for the title after a low blow behind the refs back. A lot of interference in this match.
Next out Mr. Anderson with Matt Hardy and his family for a segment.
Look I like Mr. Anderson. I look back on him fondly as Mr. Kennedy when he had all the hope in the world and pissed it down the drain. This was a horrible segment, and both Mr. Anderson and Matt Hardy should be ashamed for phoning it in.
Drew Galloway cuts a promo on his main event match with Kurt Angle, next.
Promo was ok, and Drew has decent mic skills. Way better than the last segment. Next, we treated to a good tag match.
The Wolves and Tigre Uno defeated Eli Drake, DJ Zema Ion and Jessie Godderz
I like everyone in this match. Easily, the best match of the night.
Kurt Angle Defeats Drew Galloway
A good match between the two and I am not a fan of Angle.

TNA 1/6/2016 Rating

I give this episode of TNA Impact three sides out of a six-sided ring. I did not write as much this week in my review of TNA Impact and I am sorry. It was not as good as last week and well, it was just an average show at best. A few matches were good like the last two matches and the KOTM match, but the rest of the show other than the Ec3 promo was average at best. I do see one bright spot on the horizon based off this promo:

Face EC3? Cannot freaking wait. Marking out.

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