For Bill and Those Who Want To Know

Hello The Wrestling Show,

I’m going to be posting the first article that I ever did for Vince Russo for he was the man who started to make me want to write storylines for wrestling even though I didn’t know it was because of him.

I also guess that this is a much more in depth look at what Bill and myself were looking at. I know that this is not the same as a Bill Apter type of article but sometimes you got to say what needs to be said.

This is growing harder with each passing year with the internet fan base growing higher and writers in companies like WWE/TNA growing far more lazy. For me there was a recent love interest storyline that not only made me pull my hair out by the roots but made me ashamed that a soap opera writer on WWE’s creative team could have handled the storyline better.

Hello, soap operas are relationships, cheating, scandal, betrayal and love interests all rolled into one sixty minute TV show, once a week. No where near the level of writing required for wrestling, but the two shares elements via Drama and Reality. It does help if the writer knows who they are writing for, but that is a different topic for another day. I will say that the writer appeared to not have a clue on to whom they were writing a love interest otherwise I feel it would have been done better.

Addressing a romantic storyline in WWE or at least the romance storyline involving CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, Kane and AJ Lee. It was in 2011-2012 correct me if I’m wrong here. That WWE had a heart broken and previously tormented AJ Lee (by Daniel Bryan) following CM Punk around like a puppy dog trying to get his attention.

So stalker with good looks, that I could buy. As the weeks went on they rushed the story to CM Punk saving her, the stunts she would pull to get his and Daniels attention grew more extreme. Even using Kane as a way to get the pair jealous. This leads to her being made the referee in the main event match at the PPV. This annoyed me because it then changed slightly how Daniel and CM Punk acted.

But I got the reason behind the change in their actions. It showed who cared to the audience and who didn’t. I think they could have done far more with that. Even making it far more dangerous for AJ Lee at different points to create even more drama and tension.

The storyline would have been a hundred times better without any outside wrestlers getting involved however they did and it just confused things rather than make it far more interesting.

Finally I thought okay slow it down, this is really good. But instead they made it faster so now we have a kiss between Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee, which is suppose to be down to the face Daniel is now worried about her being the main event referee. Then right after that she kisses CM Punk. To whom is appearing to be lost and a swept up in what is going on.

There is so many ways I could have draw that out and made the tension far greater leading to more interest from those watching the storyline develop. It was almost as if it was started then it was killed off. I could have maybe even got a far more emotional attachment by the audience to the baby faces involved, while making people hate the heels. To me there wasn’t enough clarity on who was the heel and who was the baby face.

I understand wrestling has to move faster than soap operas, films, books and so forth. What started to really bother me was they jumped from a kiss on Smackdown to a marriage proposal on the following Monday Night Raw. That was when I flipped out because I could see the ending a mile off. I think 90% of romance writers/authors, mums who watch WWE with their kids was feeling the same way. I know that was uttered on our romance message boards briefly.

At the start of Monday Night Raw we see AJ Lee proposing to CM Punk. Daniel Bryan jumps in and proposals to AJ Lee. Again this felt rushed and horrible to me. As I would have liked more space for tension and even a little bit more Drama. This felt like I was being dry humped by there writing team.

When CM Punk said no on TV and AJ was heart broken it appears that Daniel Bryan is going to mend her broken heart, but she is not interested right away. That I can accept and was handled okay.

However when the main event match happens I found myself disappointed yet again with how AJ Lee who was built up during the weeks leading to this moment was thrust aside at the end. I’ll come back to that point in a minute. Long and short of it she torments both men during a match on PPV which was a nice touch after CM Punk broke her heart and we can see that she is clearly hurting his during the match.

I would have liked to see more camera shots and interaction between the two to push this home. Instead it was left flopping around like a dying fish.

When the PPV ended CM Punk rose from the ashes of the match the winner, but she was left on the side lines. Even the commentators appeared at a lost to what to say in regards to her just being thrust aside. I think they were trying to tell us that CM Punk didn’t need her anymore so that was why he ignored her.

Here is the thing. If he was the baby face there should have been more interaction and something at the end. To me that was a MAJOR fail. It made me think that the creative team just gave up at that point. Only to be forced to write more of the love interest in the following Monday Night Raw.

So the next night Daniel and AJ Lee finally get back together, she is going to marry him after Punk ignores her. Okay, no explanation why, but that is what it is. Now we slowly see them plan the wedding. That was done well and nicely. However the final part made more hair disappear off my head and into piles on the floor.

In a stumble we learn that Daniel Bryan wants to use the marriage now being rushed through to commit her to a mental ward. We learn this only when she has left him at the altar and is now the new General Manager of Monday Night Raw.

Do you see the mistakes yet?

Don’t build up a love interest story or a character then just throw them aside when the match or your team can’t think of any way to close it. The whole thing looked like you panicked and shut the book. To me it made me reluctant to invest when she did another rushed affair storyline with John Cena. She barely held up the attention of the fans that you built around her.

Just a side line point. She was the only interesting female on your roster!

I hope that you don’t mind my 2 page rant about how this was the worst love interest storyline they have done except the Edge and Vickie storyline. That wasn’t the performers fault that was the writing teams failings. To me in the future, if you doing to do a romance storyline, hire someone who has experience in romance or make sure that you have someone on the team that can do it. You never know when you might need them.

Side note. I really wanted to see a decent love story between Raven and a female. That is just a personal preference. Hopefully I can come back next week and point out how romance was forgotten in the ECW storyline at a later date. I would still like to cover the other romance failings that I have witnessed over the years. The only romance story I liked and believed in was the Kid Kash and Trinity storyline in TNA.

I’m excluding the Matt, Edge and Lita storyline before you get started. Because to be fair that was just reality TV and anyone could have made that into a more drama packed story, since the tools, road maps was already there.

This article comes from The Scottish Spitefire also known as Kristal McKerrington


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