WWE Monday Night RAW review(1/18/16) — “Royal Rumble Go-Home show”

-Royal Rumble Go-Home Show-

Tonight’s show began with Roman Reigns stating to the
entire WWE universe how at the rumble it will be one vs.
all when he has to defend his title against the other 29
participants. However this night he has his eyes set on
one guy, Brock Lesnar, and he wasn’t going to leave
without getting a little payback from last week’s vicious
attack. Reigns was surprised to see that it was Chris
Jericho who would come out, not to fight but rather to
add another person to his highlight reel a.k.a. Roman
Reigns. The 2 would be interrupted by the League of
Nations who would also interject on how one of them
would win the rumble. Serious natures would however be
swerved as Y2J made mockeries of each League
member one by one(except for Barrett who feels like
he’s just there to represent another country). The only
member who would be targeted would be Rusev in which
Reigns prompted a beating to start the show while
waiting for his face-to-face confrontation with Lesnar
later on in the Highlight reel.
Roman Reigns vs. Rusev(Jericho as Guest Referee)
-Jericho did his part by being fair (even after ejecting
every other member of the League from ringside) Rusev
would have the immediate tempo of the match but
Reigns would fight back periodically and overcome the
Bulgarian offensive. Eventually rallying on and finishing
off Rusev with a Superman Punch/Spear combo for the

Brie Bella vs. Natalya
-The match would start all Brie as she quickly used
some kicks and a knee to bring Natalya to the mat.
Unfortunately for Brie this would come to a halt as
Natalya would lock in her Sharpshooter and get the
victory via submission.

The Dudley Boyz & Ryback vs. The Wyatt Family
-Another chapter of this war in the books. Friday, the
Dudleyz would gain victory but tonight it would be the
Wyatt’s to come out ahead. The hybrid team of Ryback
and the Dudleyz showed that they can be an effective
power team as they rallied quickly to control the tempo
of the match but The wyatt’s quickly got their act
together and used their power as an advantage. Wyatt
and Rowan would interfere the 3D to save Harper which
would allow him to lay out Bubba with the discus
clothesline for the victory.

Big Show vs. Heath Slater
-As it would look, this was not the night for Slater and
the rest of the Social Outcasts. Heath would try and use
the ropes to keep Show at bay but it would be Heath’s
own imitations of the Big Show that would enrage his
opponent and get the victory after a KO punch. Shortly
after, the rest of the Outcasts would hit the ring to
avenge their fallen friend but they too would all eb met
with the similar fate of the KO punch.

(McMahon Royal Rumble Lottery segment)
-Cutting right to the point, this was an obvious attempt to
make Roman’s challenge ahead become even more
daunting by drawing his name several times as the
number #1 entry in the rumble. Story progression: Sure.
Execution: Meh..

Becky Lynch vs. Tamina
-Tamina can’t work, can’t move well and cannot sell very
well she only stands as the be the “tough” girl in the
locker room( A position I think would be better suitted
for someone like Natalya). Charlotte and Ric sat
ringside for this match. Tamina used her size and power
to dictate the flow of the match using locks and holds to
keep Lynch at bay. Lynch turned up the heat by kicking
Tamina into the corner and laying her out with a few
dropkicks and leg drops. In the end, Lynch would throw
up an elbow at a charging Tamina and use a top
turnbuckle arm-breaker and roll it into her finish, The
Dis-Armer for the victory. The big victory would be how
she would gloat Ric about Charlotte to the point of Ric
accepting her request on behalf of Charlotte for a title
match at the Royal Rumble.

Del Rio & Sheamus vs. Kalisto & Dean Ambrose
-The unique team of Ambrose and Kalisto was a very
fresh change of pace. Something I was very excited for.
Both styles have the ability to compliment each other
with high flying lucha libre and Dean’s rough and tough
offense. The League also brought the fight too but
Sheamus was nearly taken out relatively early due to
finisher by Kalisto, luckily his partner was close by to
intercept. The irony however is that it would be Kalisto
getting caught up in the ropes and Sheamus hitting the
brogue kick for the victory in the end. Kevin Owens sat
at ringside and sized up his competition for this Sunday
as he would lay out Ambrose at ringside after the match.
Big E vs. Jey Uso
-After a collision between Kofi and Jimmy made this a 1
on 1 match, Jey hung in there for a bit but with Wood’s
still in Big E’s Corner the favor was in The New Day.
Jey would capitalize on a prone Big E by attempting his
big splash but Xavier Woods would try to break it up but
Big E would take advantage of that opportunity and seal
the match with his Big Ending.
Neville, Mark Henry, Titus O’Neil & R-Truth vs.
Tyler Breeze, Stardust & The Ascension
-Royal Rumble tastings aplenty. There were too many
spots to call on this so I will just say that the chemistry
between both teams was really good. This match was
interesting as it would be the last match of the night. I
like seeing WWE use lots of talent and letting them get
some spotlight. But here it would be a combo World’s
Strongest Slam and Red Arrow that would get the win for
Neville and Co.

(Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel segment)
-Jericho would start the segment but only with Heyman
but after he got heated, The Beast would intervene after
Y2J was pushing back on Heyman. Roman Reigns would
join the party and hit Lesnar with a spear which would
start the brawl for all. The League would come down and
take advantage of Reigns but they were caught in the
crosshairs of Brock Lesnar and they were vastly
disposed of however it would be the Wyatt family that
would be the last powers standing when they put down
BOTH Reigns and Lesnar. Wyatt’s stood tall tonight.
-The show did a wonderful job of highlighting everyone
and not just the top title holder plus contender’s. It was a
great show with very little holding it back(maybe the
McMahon segment but no one ever said Vince and
Stephanie had to be good to be bad) This was a great
show heading into the Royal Rumble. Two thumbs up,
very entertaining, matchers were made for this Sunday
too, some good laughs, good story telling, unique teams..
the whole thing was very good and is a sign that WWE is
getting it back together!

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