My Royal Rumble Memory


So everyone is making articles about their Royal Rumble memories. I had to think really hard about what I was going to do. Would it be the time that Kane had the most people thrown out or was it one of Stone Cold’s. Heck I would have liked to seen Hurricane Helms win one of them.

After many nights thinking about it I was stuck between the one where Chyna was the first woman who entered one and Beth Phoenix who also did okay in the Royal Rumble. Hell I think it would have been interesting to have had the CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Kane thing in the ring only to have AJ Lee come down to the ring to make things interesting. Hell I don’t think there would be any man in that ring that would want to get in the middle of that.

Thoughts on that would be interesting?

Despite my best efforts I couldn’t get by picking Chyna for she did something for the females like Paige that wants to dive off cages, have Hell In The Cell matches. I think if you even asked Paige that she would die with a chance to do an Elimination Chamber match. So for me what Beth and Chyna did were a reminder that there is some that shatter the glass ceilings.

Ignore what happened afterwards because there isn’t a star like Chyna that hasn’t fallen from grace and it was bound to happen when you see what she was messed up in. I think that it will not cloud my choice because she is one hell of a wrestler. I think that she reminded TNA fans of what women could do.

Now saying that a match between Chyna and Awesome Kong would be something I would love to see. I would be interested in your thoughts on that one?

I will leave you with these thoughts and I will be back soon with more thoughts, articles and even some of my own storylines that I would run if I was one of the many writers that these companies hire.

Kristal McKerrington

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