WWE Monday Night Raw reviews (1/25/16) — “Fast road to Fastlane”

-Authority Segment-
-McMahons start the night by feeding the crowd with
more stuff to boo at. HHH comes out to add insult to
injury to the fans and Roman Reigns. Trips also says
that someone like Reigns doesn’t deserve to be
champion and as long he is champion. Also, the main
event at Fastlane would determine the no.1 contender
for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship would
be announced later in the night.

-Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler
-Very hard hitting and brutal. Ziggler reached into his
aggressive side while Owens also got a bit vicious as
well. Ziggler stayed on Owens for the match but it was
Owens’ strength and ruthlessness that won him the
match with a pop-up powerbomb.

-Social Outcasts/Flo Rida segment-
(Having Flo Rida do the theme for Wrestlemania 32 was
a let down for me, very low energry and boring)
Flo Rida gets in the ring and gets schooled by Bo Dallas
in a rap battle with his fellow outcasts acting like asylum
patients. Flo retaliates with some of the worst rhymes
ever will dropping a ric flair pop and ties in the dudley
boyz coming out.

-Dudley Boyz vs. Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas
Pretty straight forward match. Both teams were decent.
Flo Rida tosses Slater into the ring while he was on the
apron and gets the team 3d treatment which also leads
into Axel feeding into the Dudley Death Drop for the

-Chris Jericho vs. AJ Styles
-This was a borderline ppv match. Started strong, slowed
down a bit to build tension and the 2 were throwing their
best strikes at the end. Styles would reverse a pin into
his own pin and catch Y2J slipping. AJ would then put his
hand out for a shake and Jericho would accept but not
without pulling him in for a brief staredown. Possible
Fastlane match? Who knows?

-Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch
Incoming NXT chants. This was shaping to be a match of
the night candidate until Charlotte came in and caused
the DQ. Both women were awesome. Hard hits,
submissions, leg and knee strikes, flowing and smooth.
Very infortunate it was brief. Charlotte would clean
house with everyone and leave.

(Goldust/R-Truth segment)
Goldust asks Truth about partnering but enter a barrage
of gay jokes courtesy of Truth. Golden Truth team-up

-Bray Wyatt vs. Kane
Not a bad match at all. Two monsters going toe-to-toe,
Wyatt was very energetic and Kane was pretty spry
himself.(At this point of the night, the crowd was losing it
and cheering for a Macho Man cosplayer in the crowd
until a WWE official ended the fun) Bray would get the
win with sister abigail. The 4 on 1 would begin as the rest
of the family demolish Kane.

-The New Day/ The Rock Segment-
Rock shows up to make light of The Miz, Big Show, flirt
with Lana, make fun of Rusev and make his way to the
ring. He did his thing at first while going to ringside and
meeting up with the Macho Man impersonator much to
the crowd’s delight. Enter The New Day. Rock would
then challenge them to a fight after a funny back and
forth. New Day would decline and leave but not until The
Usos would run interference and send them running into
a Rock-ready beatdown. One more People’s Elbow later
and Miami went insane!

-Natalya & Paige vs. Brie Bella & Alicia Fox
Basic and decent. Natalya was the victim for the most of
it until she got the tag and Paige came in locked in her
PTO, Fox would break it up but Natalya would take her
out and Paige hits Brie with the Ram-Paige for win.

-The Miz vs. Kalisto
Good match. Nice to see Kalisto go up against someone
around his size who doesn’t look like he could kill him.
Kalisto was on his game with his move execution and
energy while Miz tried to keep him slow using power.
Ultimately, it would be Kalisto reversing the skull
crushing finale to hit his Solina del Sol for the win.

-Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus & Rusev
The slowest match of the night but that goes without
saying. Two of the guys are powerhouses, one is a
striker while the other uses a hyrbid offense. It was a
back and forth war the whole match until Reigns would
catch Sheamus with a spear for the win. Dean and
Reigns took the fight outside and absolutely destroyed
Rusev with a powerbomb through the announce table.
Stephanie then came out at the close to announce that at
Fastlane, it would be Dean vs. Roman vs. Lesnar and
the winner would get HHH at Wrestlemania for the title.

In closing, this was a very fun RAW. I heavily
recommend you watch if you haven’t yet. The segments
were great and full of energy. The matches were all good
for the most part. You can clearly tell that a lot of these
guys are stepping it up physically. The only negative was
Flo-Rida, an acquired taste maybe but to me, it was a
lame celebrity cameo with no reason other then to
promote his album which has the WM32 single on it.
Nonetheless, go forward to the light WWE. Shine bright!

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