Ring of Honor Wrestling (1/21/16)

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay. I was on my very first cruise. Anyway back to ROH. Commentators are Kevin Kelly and Mr. Wrestling 3.

1. The Addiction w/ Chris Sabin vs. ACH & Alex Shelley: Shelley and Frankie Kazarian start off and trade blows. At one point, Christopher Daniels (love his intro outfit by the way) holds Shelley, but Shelley ducks as Kazarian hits Daniels. During the match, Chris Sabin stares down his former Motor City Machine Gun partner allowing Kazarian for a dirty roll up for a two count. ACH comes in and is tripped by Sabin…who gets his hand stomped by ACH! ACH hits two excellent drop kicks on Daniels and Kazarian, but The Addiction gets control of ACH, but Shelley and ACH rebound. Shelley does an incredible sunset flip reverse on Daniels and a small enziguri; ACH hits a stunner-STo combo on both Addiction. He tries to hit a high flying move, but Sabin interferes, allowing The Addiction to win. After the match, Daniels and Kazarian beat down Shelley while Sabin watches with mixed emotions. Daniels grabs the timekeeper’s hammer, but the referee intervenes and Daniels punches him. Then Nigel McGuiness storms out and tells Daniels that he has had enough of Daniels disregarding of ROH’s zero tolerance policy and suspends Christopher Daniels. Daniels irately protests as he is escorted out of the arena.

2. Adam Page w/ BJ Whitmer and Colby Corino vs. Mark Briscoe: During the match, Whitmer stares down Mr. Wrestling 3. Mark does a lot of Redneck Kung-Fu, but at one point, Page reverses a corner attack into a corner powerslam. Mark hits a blockbuster from the ring apron; both men exchange chops and forearm smashes. However, its Whitmer that distracts Page by saying MW3 is Steve Corino, thus allowing Mark Briscoe to hit a fisherman buster and Froggy Bow for the win.

3. BJ Whitmer gets on the mic and accuses Mr. Wrestling 3 for being Steve Corino and hiding from The Decade. He demands that MW3 takes off the mask and show Colby the truth. Mr. Wrestling 3 says that he is not Steve Corino, but know him, and tells The Decade to leave the ring.

4. Silas Young comes out and talks about how he treated The Boys after his Final Battle win. “I brought them into my house and let them sleep in my basement,” he says. He felt that he was successfully turning them into men, but Dalton Castle has some hold on them. He gives them an ultimatum: Be Men or Be Boys!

5. MAIN EVENT: Philadelphia Street Fight: The Kingdom w/ Maria Kanellis and Matt Taven vs. redRAGON vs. The Young Bucks: This is Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis’ last match with ROH before they go to TNA. WHY GO TO TNA? Don’t they know how bad of shape that company is in?! But that’s for another time. Young Bucks attack redRAGON before they enter the ring and super kick Taven (still recovering from a leg injury) and accidentally super kick announcer Bobby Cruise! This match is a true ECW match (minus the blood)- total chaos throughout the match: bodies flying everywhere, lots of super kicks, and use of steel chairs. Cole and Bennett use a ladder to knock redRAGON and Cole “helicopters” it on the Young Bucks until Fish and O’Riley hit the ladder with steel chairs. Bennett hits a spinebuster on O’Riley on the ladder, but the Young Bucks hit Bennett with a powerbomb senton combo through the ladder, allowing them to hit More Bang for Your Buck, but Cole pulls the referee out of the ring. During the match, Kevin Kelly gets super kick by the Young Bucks, leaving Mr. Wrestling 3 the sole commentator. Cole and O’Riley fight back to the back stage, leaving Young Bucks, Bennett, Kanellis, and Fish in the ring. Fish slams Bennett through a table, but he gets splashed by Nick Jackson into a table. Everyone is out cold in the ring and the fans are chanting “ECW!” Maria low blows both Nick and Matt to save Bennett, but AJ STYLES appears and DDT’s Bennett. Maria gets the Meltzer Driver that takes her out of action. Finally, Bennett (poor guy can’t get a break, eh?) is pinned following a second Meltzer Driver and Styles Clash.

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