Axl Rotten Passes and Breaks Hearts


So today instead of me writing one of my articles taking apart one of the shows that I have grownup with.  I get to talk about a man who has left us.

There isn’t many details about Axl Rotten’s death. I don’t want to add to the rumor mill for nether his family or friends deserves that. This articles not going to tell you what he did in his career. Rather I’m going to give you a goodbye post to the man behind the character.

Axl Rotten was a wrestler who had done a hardcore wrestling that had left him with reduced mobility and fighting to get his life back under control. He was apart of what made ECW work outside of the fame of Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, RVD and Raven. He was someone that helped people when he could.

What most people don’t know is that Axl loved to read. He was avid reader, loved music with a passion and often discussed this with people on Twitter. He faced a lot of demons in his life with drugs and drink. Despite falling off the wagon from time to time Axl would spare anyone a moment on social media.

I think he might be another legend who is greatly misunderstood by those who met him. A lot of people believed him to just be a hardcore wrestler who wasn’t able to do anything else. From my own short conversations with Axl I soon discovered he was a man of great intelligence who had a lot of struggles to deal with.

The ECW family has grown smaller today and they are in my thoughts. I send my condolences to his family and to those of his ECW family. I hope that everyone will allow his friends and family to grieve the great man that they have lost and the wrestler that was loved by so many.

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