RAW Reviews (2/8/2016) — “Goodbye’s are a B*tch”

The RAW reviews: 2/8/2016

-Tonight’s RAW was an unforgettable segway into what would be a tearfull sending of a great talent into the world to persue other ventures, but more on that later..

We start off the show with a contract singing for the Number 1 contender’s match at Fastlane between Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. It soon erupted into a brawl in which Ambrose would eat another F-5 and Reign’s would get a face full of table. Tensions are high and the stage is set.

Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens
-These 2 have been at each other’s throats for a few weeks and for the most part it has been the “K.O. Show” coming out in victory. However tonight would be a repeat of last week. While Owens dominated the match physically, it would be his own tenacity that would be his undoing. After a missed cannonball into the corner, Ziggler would pin Owens using the ropes as leverage for the 2nd time.

Alicia Fox vs. Charlotte
-Retribution mixed with furiousity, Charlotte had this match down to a tee. Fox did try to rally back at a certain point however the child of Flair was 100% in control and would seize victory with her “Figure-Eight Leglock”.

(Miz TV Segment)
-Miz’s top Story: AJ Styles. Unfortunately for Miz, his guest tonight was Chris Jericho. Y2J would interrupt the former champ’s banter about the Phenomenal One and try to Jihad the show into the “Highlight Reel”.. It got confusing until AJ Styles came out and all hell broke loose. Jericho would be the last man standing after a brawl but it surely doesn’t mean that Styles hasn’t gotten the best of them.

Ryback vs. Bray Wyatt
-So Bray and Goldber…. I mean Ryback (seriously WWE, Nice job on the new costume..) kind of fell back into the rivalry of old. Ryback did bust out some new moves which are nice, we will see if this is a permament thing. Bray did start off the match as the lead enforcer and while Gold-Back had some fight in him, Bray would catch Ry-Berg mid meat hook clotheslines and hit Sister Abigail for the victory.

Adam Rose vs. Titus O’Neil
-Friends in high places: Great thing. Friends at ringside, even better. Titus was poised to win this match decisively until the combined efforts of the rest of the Social Outcasts continued to distract O’Neil and would lead Rose to roll-up Titus for the surprise victory.

(Ambrose calls out the Beast)
-Dean F-ing Ambrose. Call out the beast, check. Get your ass whooped again, check. Have your best friend stay out of it, MEMO NOT RECIEVED. Dean would challenge Brock after eating an F5 earlier left a bad taste in his mouth. Ambrose stayed in the figth at first but was slowly losing ground. However it would be an intervening Roman Reigns that would leave Lesnar grounded(due to a low-blow by Ambrose) via distraction. Looks like Ambrose wanted the fight to himself.

Del Rio & Rusev vs. The Lucha Dragons
-Sin Cara is back and the fans go wild! Sadly, that was all the Dragons had going for them tonight. The League of Nations would keep Kalisto seperated for the majority of the match and both Nation members had no problem overpowering him. One nasty enzuigiri and a tree of woe stomp later and the League were a victory above the Lucha Dragons. Welcome back Sin Cara!

Tamina vs. Becky Lynch
-Confusing, short and all over the place. Tamina would get the win via distracted Lynch into a Superkick. Team B.A.D. had Lynch’s number here sadly.

The Uso’s & The Dudley Boyz vs. The New Day & Mark Henry
-WAR! Henry betrays the Unicorn brethren and Uso’s eat tables. Tune in next week to see who’s the father! In all seriousness though, as cool of a match as this was.. it felt several shades light of a Russo booking. LOL! Not a bad one but still confusing. 2 on 2, then The Uso’s wanted to get involved. Tables match, Mark Henry would join in… for some reason, and eventually leave for.. reasons.. It would be a Big E trip up through a table to win the match for Team Dudleyz/Uso’s but would end with both Dudley’s putting each Uso through a table.

(Daniel Bryan Farwell)
-This was as heartfelt of a goodbye as it could be. But rather then having the American Dragon make it all tears, he reflected on all the positives he encountered in WWE. His ongoing medical woes were more troublesome then he would like to have and the WWE doesn’t want to take a chance on putting him in a wheelchair or worse. Tonight was closure for Daniel Bryan. While it may not have been the news we wanted, it was news we needed to hear. This man put everything he had into entertaining the fans and to this day is one of the most OVER guys in the business. Thank You D-Bry for everything, best of luck to you wherever you go!

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