RAW Review 15th Feb 2016.

Hello All,

I’m the one doing the RAW review and I hope that you will like the review itself. I focused on what the show presented with some comments here and there.

RAW opens with a video package of Brock Lesnar, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns in a video package to do with the WWE championship match. Its a beat down of Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar that leads to Roman Reigns into the frey. Its looking like it will be a rocky championship match at Fast Lane.

Dean Ambrose is the first to come to the ring where he does a promo that wasn’t to bad. He’s certainly growing with his skills on the microphone and taking a lot of punishment. Stephanie McMahon breaks into the promo where she plans her usual smooth, well developed heel character. The dagger earrings were a nice touch.

Stephanie McMahon announces that Dean Ambrose will be competing in a fatal five match for his Intercontinental Championship. If Roman Reigns comes out to help Dean then he will lose his title and will be out of the Fast Lane triple threat.

Dean Ambrose faces off against Kevin Owens, Stardust, Tyler Breeze and Dolph Ziggler. Three of them former champions and really suppose to make the deck feel stacked against Dean Ambrose. Great series of great moves that comes from Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler. There was some great top rope moves making it a fast pace match. Kevin Owen walks away with the Intercontinental Championship.

Dean Ambrose gives an interview after the break and its an emotional one that fuels the storyline that leads to this Sunday’s Fastlane Event. Kevin Owens does a bit with Rena Young to do with him winning by the title. Dolph Ziggler snubs Kevin Owens adding more energy to their feud. He suggests a match at Fastlane.

With the arrival of New Day we have a video package of Edge and Christian’s run in with New Day. Edge and Christian take the micky out of them with a New Day sucks song. We come out of the package to New Day in the ring where they are doing a promo in the ring with their usual bad comedy. It works though and gets the crowd reacting. They call out Mark Henry

Second match of the night is with New Day member Big E going up against Mark Henry.For most of the match Mark Henry has control of the match. New Day uses their numbers against Mark Henry to make sure that Big E gets flurries of control over the match. Big E finally gets his finishing move on him. Leaving Mark Henry laying in the ring.

Up next is the interview that Brie Bella does with Bryon Saxon. She gives an emotional one that has a strong promo for her last match at Fastlane. The amazing video package that they showed of Daniel Bryan saying goodbye to the WWE universe. Charlotte comes out with Ric Flair where she gets in Brie’s face about the upcoming championship. Charlotte pushes Brie to slap her then gets the upper hand on her forcing her from the ring.

Chris Jericho joins the commentary table for the Miz versus AJ Style. There is a video package of Chris Jericho attack AJ Styles after being in a tag team match. Then later that night Chris Jericho fights AJ Styles in a single match that he wins. They cut back to AJ Style’s new entrance. AJ Styles is attacked by Miz before the match starts then when it does the flow goes back and before them. After an intense match where The Miz squares up with Chris Jericho at ringside. AJ Styles takes the win.

Chris Jericho then gets in the ring to talk to AJ Styles. Only AJ Styles takes over the conversation and challenges Chris Jericho to a rematch. Chris Jericho says that he will tell him Thursday on Smackdown if there is going to be a part 3.

The Dudley Boyz are brought up next where they condemn them for their actions against the Usos’s. When they put them through tables. The Dudley Boyz come to the ring and then call out the Usos’s out. but they don’t show because they are suppose to be injured. The Dudley Boyz continue to do the promo where they say they will not be using tables anymore.

Fourth match of the  night is a Diva’s match where Page is going up against Summer Ray. Page goes back and forth with Summer Ray. The match comes to a quick end where Summer Ray rolls her up for the three count.

Paul Heyman does a piece in the ring which is just as annoying as usual. He calls out Roman Reigns who comes to the ring. All that Paul does is fire up Roman Reigns who is then jumped by the Dudley Boyz. Dean Ambrose comes to Roman Reign’s aid. After they fight of the Dudley Boyz then Dean tries to get dirty deeds on Roman Reign’s who’s shocked. They part on good terms.

The WWE announce a new award. Before slipping into a video package of Big Show being beaten down by the Waytts. This leads into the Outcasts leading Slater vs Zack Ryder. Slater gets the win thanks to the Outcasts out numbering Zack. He gave a strong match.

We get a video package from Goldust and R-Truth that is comedy based. Followed up with a Kevin Owen’s package along with the announcement that he’s fighting Dolph Ziggler for his championship.

Lucha Dragon’s with Neville face off against The League of Nations. Members Del Rio, Sheamus and Rusev. There is a lot of flying, high action and paced wrestling. The League of Nations win after Del Rio pulls off a great move in the ropes.

Due to the celebrate Black Month there is a video piece done on Booker T. That leads to a video package with Team Bad bullying Becky Lynch. This will lead to Noami from Team Bad going against Becky Lynch. Noami ends up tapping out before the other member of Team Bad jumps Becky Lynch. Sasha comes to Becky’s aid after watching the attack.

This leads into a video package of the Wyatts attacking Ryback. They announce Brock Lesnar again appearing at Smackdown. The Dudley Boyz will be facing Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. After the break we get the entrance of the Wyatts who are facing the Big Show.

Big Show wins the match because the Wyatts jump on Big Show. Ryback comes to Big Show’s aid. The numbers end up being two much for the two of them. Kane crawls up from underneath the ring where he helps Big Show and Ryback. The Wyatts flee.

Thank you for dropping by and I might be back next week to do another RAW Review.


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