Editorial: I’m excited to see what WWE does with the Wrestlemania card

As of last night we know of the three big matches that will be taking place at WrestleMania on April 3rd.  Triple H will defend the WWE Title against Roman Reigns, Shane McMahon faces the Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell and Brock Lesnar will be in a brawl with Dean Ambrose in a no holds barred match.  On any other pay per view that WWE produces this would be it, you don’t need anymore matches.

But folks this is WrestleMania, it is in Dallas, Texas with the possibility of the biggest crowd in WWE history going to witness what really is going to be no matter how good or bad it is, one WrestleMania for the ages.  But what about the rest of the card for the biggest wrestling event this year?  How in the world can they create a card when half of the roster is either injured, retired or suspended I’m sure most of you are saying right now even as you’re reading this article.

If the last two WrestleMania’s have taught us anything it is this my friends.  Not to worry, we will get whatever it is we want in the end and everybody will be happy.  Now the quest to make that happen this year will really be difficult with a lot of people out like I previously mentioned.  But let’s take a look at the upsides to what could be the final card for WrestleMania.

First off, the rumored match between Kevin Owens and AJ Styles for the Intercontinental title.  If you’re a fan of wrestling like I am you know that these two guys can put on a great match.  But when you add the prestige of the Intercontinental title into the mix it can make  this match even better.  Just knowing the history that this title has with WrestleMania is almost the same as the New York Yankees are to the World Series.  They just go hand in hand with each other and are meant to be.  If this match does happen then you will have the attention of those fans who say yeah I’m not going to watch WrestleMania because it’s gone family friendly or some other lame excuse.

Next, the opportunity to make a rising star an even bigger name.  When they did the tournament to crown a new WWE Champion last November I said on the That Wrestling Show podcast that the tournament was a good opportunity to create a star and I had said that Kalisto was the one to do it.  He did make it to the quarterfinals of the tournament but look at what has happened with his career since the tournament.  Won a Slammy award, became the United States champion on two separate occasions and is right now one of the hot rising stars that WWE has.  With the event being in Texas it is more then likely that a lot of Hispanic fans will be attending this event.  What better way to present the next great Hispanic star of WWE by having him defend the United States title against an established superstar in WWE.  It doesn’t matter who it is just give him a big match for WrestleMania he has more then earned the right in the last three months.

Also, what do you do with the New Day?  As it looks for the moment they could end up facing the League of Nations, but we are six weeks away from WrestleMania and a lot of things can change in six weeks.  Could they be defending the Tag Team titles which has been the kickoff show match for the past two WrestleMania’s or could they be involved in a six man tag team match?  Either way, you can not under any circumstance waste the New Day’s WrestleMania opportunity and match whatever it might be.  Plus, keep the tradition going with the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, it seems to be a crowd pleaser the past two WrestleMania’s why ruin a good thing?  Again, another opportunity to showcase some potential future stars of WWE, especially if you involve NXT wrestlers into this battle royal.

Finally, could this be the fall of the Authority?  With the shocking return of Shane McMahon last night and Triple H defending the WWE Title in the main event you could start to think that maybe the run of the Authority could be on it’s way out.  It would be almost certain that Triple H is losing the WWE Title to Roman Reigns unless Vince McMahon has some last minute booking idea that will shock us all, you know, like with Seth Rollins at the end of last year’s show.  But let’s look at the idea of Shane McMahon being a full time character on television again.  The ovation that Shane McMahon received last night was truly out of this world, a moment that might not be forgotten for a long time.  Now he faces Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell and if he wins he runs Monday Night Raw, if Shane was facing anybody else I would probably put money on Shane to win.  However, this is Undertaker one of the three or four greatest performers in WrestleMania history and while some fans might still be sour that he has a lose in his record, the fact that he could lose a second WrestleMania match ever, let alone lose a second WrestleMania match in the last three years is a scary thought.  But we do have to look at it as a real possibility.  Could it happen?  It very well might happen.  Will it happen?  We won’t know that answer until April 3rd.

So now that we know the big three matches for this year’s WrestleMania it is now WWE’s turn to make there move.  The ball is in your court, now it is time to deliver a slam dunk the fans have been waiting a long time to see happen.

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