John Cena and Aj Lee meh…

Hello All,

I’m back and I hope to have one hell of opinion for you. I actually know the writer who came up with this storyline and I’m sorry that he’s going to read this. But I told him that he screwed it up ahead of time.

Now that being said genre is becoming an interest in the romance industry with magazine in the billion dollar industry that has been around for longer than nearly any other entertainment format.085f4e2f66de2e106aa8fea5deddc38f_400x400

I guess this is where you are saying.

“And your point caller?”

Well with the billion dollar industry getting interested then shouldn’t the leading company be doing storylines that make these women melt at the knees.

I’m going to point out one major fail recently that I have noticed. The storyline that blew up my feed on twitter. AJ Lee and John Cena.

Before we get into the failings of the storyline let me just say I’m a huge fan of AJ Lee and think she has a lot to offer the viewer more than just a sexy look. I have to say I like crazy characters and she has embraced hers. Not only that but she seems to be able to just let go with the character.

A huge plus in my book as it makes the characters feel less forced like the storyline between Jeff Hardy and Trish Stratus. Another subject for another day. I didn’t think they were my top ten couples. I however liked the Trinity and Kid Kash pairing in TNA which was done well even if they needed a little more couple time.

Trinity working with Raven was a huge opportunity missed out by TNA however I’m sure that is something they saw. I will be covering TNA and ECW soon also.

Anyway back to WWE’s AJ Lee storyline with John Cena.

The start of the WWE’s hottest stars at that moment in the company was done well. I think they could have kept the heat, the mystery a little bit long however it started to have a huge impact on the female fans as a quick search in the Youtube channel’s search engine would tell you.

However just when it started to get good they dump AJ Lee on Dolph Ziggler to whom I’m sorry wasn’t a believable follow up to John Cena, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Major let down in my opinion and it was ended between Dolph and AJ Lee worse than I thought humanly possible. 

Thank you for stopping by to read Kristal McKerrington’s thoughts!

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