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WWN Live News March 30, 2016

EVOLVE Mini-Doc Thatcher vs. Riddle The adrenaline is flowing and the excitement is building as we are only two days away from the biggest wrestling weekend of the year! We have breaking news after the article on on Monday mentioning EVOLVE, a mini-preview for this Saturday’s EVOLVE 59 and more. Let’s get to it….   March 30th: Please make sure you

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WWN Live News March 29, 2016

Anything Goes!!! This is it! We have all the details for this weekend’s WWNLive Experience in Dallas, including the final match announcements. Let’s get to it….   March 28th: We are going to start things out with some rapid fire things you need to know about this weekend’s live events:   -The location is Eddie Deen’s Ranch on 944 South Lamar Street

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Hello and welcome to the first Flashback Corner, where we look at past wrestling. Since this WrestleMania week, I will begin with the first WRESTLEMANIA. I will not go play-by-play because that will take too long. 1. Tito Santana vs. The Executioner: Tito Santana wins with a figure-four leglock following a flying forearm. * Aside: The Executioner is Buddy Rose

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ROH in Review (3/10/16)

+ Top Prospect Final- Brian Fury vs. Lio Rush: both display amateur wrestling until Fury elbows Rush in the corner; Rush counters fantastically and send Fury out of the ring; Rush hits Crash & Burn dive out of the ring; Fury catapults Rush into the barricade; Fury fights back and Rush counters, both knock out each other; both exchange right

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