Brief talk about Marie’s World: The Aftermath

12576082_10207698359150656_922807569_nBefore joining the staff of That Wrestling Show, Kristal McKerrington began as a writer and is currently one of the premiere novelists of a style of romantic stories that almost nobody knows about, romantic wrestling novels.

With her love of professional wrestling and her friendship with former WWF and TNA superstar Joe E. Legend, Kristal has been able to come up with fantastic stories especially her last book Marie’s World.  Her latest release, Marie’s World: The Aftermath continues the story of Marie and her love life.  Kristal credits Joe with helping her tremendously with her stories and adding his knowledge of wrestling has helped make Marie’s World a very popular story.  But on the cover of the book you might notice an extreme wrestler.

Yes, it is former ECW champion, NWA champion and United States champion Rhino who is on the front cover of the book.  Now before you go and ask me why is Rhino doing on the front cover of a book I must explain the relationship he has with Kristal.  While on many tours of Europe, Rhino and Kristal developed quite a friendship and believe me when I tell you from interviewing wrestlers in the wrestling business, it is hard to keep a friendship in wrestling.  But Kristal and Rhino have this friendship that might even be too hard for me to give you a full, complete understanding.

But it must have been a thrill for Kristal to find out that Rhino gave her the OK to be on the cover of this book.  Is this book the type that all fans of romantic novels will get into?  That is for you to decide, but don’t take my word for it.  Kristal has put a lot of hard work and time into her stories and I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if this book is a big hit again for Kristal and for her community of romantic novels.

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