ROH in Review (3/10/16)

+ Top Prospect Final- Brian Fury vs. Lio Rush: both display amateur wrestling until Fury elbows Rush in the corner; Rush counters fantastically and send Fury out of the ring; Rush hits Crash & Burn dive out of the ring; Fury catapults Rush into the barricade; Fury fights back and Rush counters, both knock out each other; both exchange right hands until Fury head butts; Rush maneuvers out of a pop up power bomb and counters w/ a hurricarana DDT for a two count; Enziguri from Rush; Fury hits a Gory bomb for a two count; Fury tries to suplexes Rush from the top rope, but Rush head butts him and hits a frog splash for a two count; Rush rolls him up, but reversed for a pin fall, but ref Todd Sinclair catches Fury using the ropes; Fury hits pop up power bomb for a two count; Rush hits a flipping STO on Fury for the win!
+ Kongo vs. Moose: Moose comes to ring w/out Stokley Charmichael; both giants slug it out until Kongo goes out of ring; Moose sends him into barricade, but Kongo later reverses it and does a senton into Moose-barricade; Kongo crush Moose w/ avalanche for 2 count; head butt does not phase Moose, who powers up and Moose hits two running avalanches; he hits his Moose punch into Kongo’s Samoan drop, but Moose rolls out and hits a clothesline for a 2 count; Moose hits the spear for the win. This was simply a squash match.
+ Adam Page vs. Cedric Alexander w/ Veda Scott: Page no longer w/ BJ Whitmer; Whitmer hits Page w/ Exploder suplex; Alexander and Whitmer beat him down until Gresham (don’t know his first name) makes the save; Page says that he and Whitmer are not over.
+ Main Event: Christopher Daniels vs. Dalton Castle w/ The Boys: Silas Young joins commentary; The Boys show a little wear from their last match w/ Young and Beer City Bruiser; both lock up a couple of times; Castle uses his strength to slam Daniels; outside ring, Daniels throws Castle into barricade; both men exchange blows until Castle hits a running knee in the corner; Castle hits a German suplex on Daniels for a 2 count; Castle hits a turnaround hurricarana on Daniels; Kazarian interferes and Daniels gets the win with Angel Wings; Young mocks Castle, but Castle says that he tried to forget about his feud but can’t, Young continues to say that he’s done w/ Castle; Dalton challenges Young to a Fight Without Honor! I enjoyed this match.

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