What Would Gordon Ramsay Think?

Now there’s an odd title for a wrestling post! At least it will be for the next few seconds. Have you ever seen Hell’s Kitchen? Chef Gordon Ramsay is well known for speaking his mind to the chef’s in his employ, especially when he finds something is raw. So if he were to watch Monday Night Raw? What would he think?

The first word I would use is “bland.” We’re almost at WrestleMania 32 and nothing of note is happening on Raw. We have bore fest after bore fest of what appears to be a heavily phoned-in show. You would think all the cylinders would be firing before the biggest show in the world, but I guess we would be wrong. Maybe they’ve just become too arrogant. We as fans haven’t cared for the stories leading up to the past two Mania’s either yet we still loved the actual show itself. Both WrestleMania 30 and 31 have been called by some the best of all-time. They are both spectacular shows, and they both seemed to make up for the lack of build that went into it. I’m hoping the Big E’ hasn’t noticed this, because if they have it’s clear that they are just writing these lazy shows on purpose.

Any good chef can perform their own miracles with spice. Sometimes a little salt is all you need, and some days you just have to go all out. There are excellent mac & cheese episodes of Raw, where we just have a swell old time and turn our brains off for a night. There are fine fillet’s of nights where we have excellent match after excellent match and the only other “talking” segments actually advance interesting storylines. Then you get to the frozen food “are we having that again” episodes of Raw. It seems we’ve been served those a lot recently with repeated dull matches and segments. Do you know what would get most people excited to see a wrestling show? Wrestling.

We now come back to the key word of it all. Raw hasn’t felt the kind of raw that Vince McMahon originally intended, but it feels more the type of raw that is just unfinished and undercooked. The shows are lacking all substance and style, and the little hints of KO and AJ and New Day’s are all that’s helping us stomach what we’re experiencing. It’s good to see though that at least one good thing came out of tonight’s Raw. The Big E’ added a nice glass of Long Island Iced Z to keep the conversation interesting. You see what a little thought will get you?


PS: I wonder if Gordon Ramsay actually watches wrestling…?

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