33 Combatants Fight to Survive on May 7th


Hi CHIKARMY, have you heard about the Infinite Gauntlet? It’s coming to the Wrestle Factory on May 7th, and is the featured attraction on our 7:00 pm card entitled “The Distant Future“! Everything you need to know about it is in this special “Infinite Gauntlet Report” from our own Bryce Remsburg:

With a Golden Opportunity hanging in the balance, 33 combatants will enter the fray, 88 seconds apart, until only 1 is left to rule the ring. This massive match isn’t the only thing we have on tap for you at “The Distant Future,” though. These other bouts are also set for May 7th:


Back at the Tag World Grand Prix, two French-Canadian lumberjacks came to make an impression, and unfortunately for The Osirian Portal – they did! After tasting defeat at the hands of the Egyptian duo, Mathieu St. Jacques and Thomas Dubois took out their frustrations in the most physical manner possible. Now, Ophidian and Amasis have the rematch they’ve requested – and a chance for some revenge!


Two of the most recent graduates of The Wrestle Factory are set to lock-up on May 7th! The gekko-roamn wrestler Argus has been honing his craft under the tutelage of Ophidian, and made a name for himself in Season 15. But Officer Warren Barksdale turned a lot of heads in his debut match at National Pro Wrestling Day (back in February) and is looking to put Argus under arrest!

We’ve got this and a whole lot more in store for Saturday, May 7th at the Wrestle Factory!

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