Chikara Grand Championship defended on May 7th


Hey there CHIKARMY, our return to Philadelphia is just over 2 weeks away! At our special matinee event (2:00 pm belltime) entitled “Whisper House,” the Grand Championship will be on the line! The main event is set:


Our reigning champ Princess KimberLee faces her most dangerous challenger to date: the savage Jaka! Since falling under the influence of Jakob Hammermeier at the end of Season 15, Jaka has been more focused, and more ruthless than ever. Here’s the Princess to put it all in perspective:

But there’s more to “Whisper House” than just the Championship title bout…


An old rivalry is renewed as Silver Ant locks up with Frightmare once again! These two showed how vicious they could be back at “Top Banana,” effectively ending Silver Ant’s affiliation with the Nightmare Warriors. This will mark the first time these two have crossed paths since that fateful day, and Frightmare has only grown more ferocious in the meantime!

We’ve got this and a whole lot more in store for Saturday, May 7th at the Wrestle Factory!

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