WWN Live News May 3, 2016

This weekend will be the most important weekend in EVOLVE history. We explain why in this WWN Alerts, examine part 2 of The Thatcher Crisis, give you another WWN Freebie and more. Let’s get to it….


May 3rd: EVOLVE will present live iPPVs this Friday in Joppa, MD and this Saturday in Queens, NY. Why is this the most important weekend in EVOLVE history? Here’s why:

-This Friday’s event in Baltimore is the first time EVOLVE has expanded outside of Florida or New York in recent years, excluding Wrestlemania weekend. This is the first step in EVOLVE going to new markets. If Friday is successful, EVOLVE will grow. It is only with the support of the Baltimore area fans that this can happen.

-La Boom has become a homebase for EVOLVE in Queens, NY for its great live atmosphere. This Saturday, EVOLVE 61 will feature qualifying matches for the WWE Global Cruiserweight Series. These matches will be heavily publicized on WWE.com. The WWE GCS qualifiers the other week in Progress had highlights put up on the WWE Youtube page. This gave those wrestlers and Progress an unprecedented amount of exposure. This Saturday, the fans who have spanned time with EVOLVE get to show the world what we are all about. We know you will represent us well, and show everyone the electric atmosphere of EVOLVE in New York. There will be over 100,000 new eyeballs on EVOLVE with these matches. Let that sink in. We will all show them what we are about.


-You can still join us in person for both events by getting tickets in the DGUSA.tv Store. We will refund the shipping and hold them at will call for you. It is only with your support that these events will be a success. Pre-order the live iPPVs now at www.WWNLive.com to save $5! This weekend’s lineups are:


EVOLVE 60 – May 6th – Joppa, MD

8pm EDT. Belltime

-Chris Hero vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

-EVOLVE Tag Team Title Match: Drew Gulak & Tracy Williams defend vs. Fred Yehi & TJP

-Drew Galloway vs. Ethan Page

-Johnny Gargano vs. Marty Scurll

-Caleb Konley vs. Lio Rush

-Anthony Nese vs. Matt Riddle

-The Bravado Brothers vs. The Devastation Corporation


EVOLVE 61 – May 7th – Queens, NY

Special 6:30pm EDT. Belltime

-Johnny Gargano vs. Drew Galloway

-WWE GCS Qualifier: Drew Gulak vs. Tracy Williams

-WWE GCS Qualifier: Fred Yehi vs. TJP

-Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Marty Scurll

-Matt Riddle vs. Lio Rush

-Ethan Page vs. Chris Dickinson

-Plus, Harlem & Lancelot Bravado in tag team action!

New WWN Freebie Tracy Williams vs. Fred Yehi from EVOLVE 53


May 3rd: Get ready for this weekend’s EVOLVE Tag Team Title Match at EVOLVE 60 and WWE Global Cruiserweight Series Qualifying Matches at EVOLVE 61 by watching Tracy Williams vs. Fred Yehi for free! This match was just released and will only be available to watch at no cost for a limited time. Get to know these rising stars before the WWE Universe does!


May 3rd: ATTN WRESTLERS– WWN is very proud to announce that WWE Performance Center Assistant Coach Norman Smiley will be a guest for the June 10th WWN Seminar/Tryout in Ybor City, FL. Mr. Smiley will be representing WWE in educating with a lecture, scouting talent as well as giving critiques and feedback. This is the first time Mr. Smiley has attended a Seminar/Tryout for independent wrestlers and referees. This is a career changing opportunity. Go to the DGUSA.tv Seminar/Tryout section for more info.

May 3rd: In the last WWN Alerts, we looked at the events that transpired with EVOLVE Champion Timothy Thatcher, leading to his suspension for this weekend. The last time we saw Thatcher, he left the EVOLVE Title belt in the ring and said he would get it back when he got “redemption” on Catch Point, who owed him a “debt.” It is clear that Thatcher reached a breaking point. Now a big question remains. Is he past the point of no return?

2015 saw Thatcher rise to prominence. He set the standard for wrestling excellence, rose up the ranks and won the EVOLVE Title. His crowning moment came during the final EVOLVE events of 2015. He had successful title defenses against the two faces of EVOLVE- Johnny Gargano and a rematch against former champion Drew Galloway. He took the throne as the lone face of WWN. Then, in a moment, it all came crashing down.


After Thatcher’s defense against Galloway at EVOLVE 52, Catch Point followers Drew Gulak, Matt Riddle, TJ Perkins and Tracy Williams humiliated Thatcher in a psychological and physical attack. Thatcher’s 2015 is documented in this video, including the EVOLVE 52 incident.


Thatcher hasn’t been the same after this attack. Since winning the title he has been turned on by then partner TJ Perkins, blindsided by Sami Callihan numerous times, slapped in the face by Caleb Konley and involved in controversy with Matt Riddle. The whole time, Drew Gulak has watched on and reminded Thatcher that he has never beaten him.


On top of it, Thatcher felt a great deal of frustration at not being able to wrestle at the January EVOLVE events due to a staph infection.


The pressure reached a boiling point at the WWNLive Experience in Dallas. Thatcher suffered an arm injury at the hands of Riddle at EVOLVE 58, the first event of the weekend. In an unfortunate happening, Thatcher, blinded by pain, shoved an EVOLVE official. From there, Thatcher tapped out to Marty Scurll in a non-title match to the chicken wing at EVOLVE 59 on the following afternoon. Thatcher exorcised the demon of Callihan at the WWN Supershow that night despite a severe arm injury. After that match, Catch Point confronted him again. Thatcher, mentally and physically exhausted, reached his breaking point and walked out, leaving the belt behind. Gulak picked up the title belt and still has possession of it.

On top of everything, Thatcher is a loner in the EVOLVE locker room. While he is widely respected, he has no connection to anyone. He has no friends and no help. He isn’t even on social media.


EVOLVE officials are hoping that Thatcher is able to regroup with this time off. He will return to EVOLVE on June 10th in Ybor City, FL and June 11th in Orlando, FL. We hope he returns to 2015 form and is able to put the first part of this disastrous 2016 behind him. His future and the the prestige of the EVOLVE Championship depend on it.


May 3rd: Thank you for reading this WWN Alerts. We know this is a long one, and we appreciate you taking the time to read it and digest everything. This is such an exciting time and there is no telling what will happen next. Before we go, we do want to note that the Blu-rays for EVOLVE 48, EVOLVE 49 and EVOLVE 50 are now available in the DGUSA.tv Store. They are shipping and will be available at this weekend’s events. Remember, you can always take advantage of Blu-ray 2 and 3 Pack Deals to save money! Thank you for all your support.

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