WWN Live News May 4, 2016

History will be made this Saturday at EVOLVE 61 in Queens, NY when EVOLVE presents two WWE Global Cruiserweight Series Qualifying Matches. We take a look at all the participants, including must see videos on each competitor. Let’s get to it….


The matches are:


Saturday, May 7th, 2016
Belltime: 6:30pm EDT
La Boom
56-15 Northern Blvd.
Woodside, Queens, NY


WWE Global Cruiserweight Series Qualifier
Drew Gulak vs. Tracy Williams


WWE Global Cruiserweight Series Qualifier
TJP vs. Fred Yehi


The winners of these two matches will go on to compete in the WWE Global Cruiserweight Series, which starts on July 13th on the WWE Network.


There will be a very interesting preview of these individuals with high stakes when EVOLVE Tag Team Champions Drew Gulak & Tracy Williams defend the titles against TJP & Fred Yehi at EVOLVE 60 in Joppa, MD this Friday. These men all follow the Catch Point philosophy. It’s about competition and it’ll be intense when these athletes fight for the EVOLVE Tag Team Titles the night before they wrestle each other for a career changing opportunity in the WWE GCS.


Be there in person by getting tickets for Joppa and Queens in the DGUSA.tv Store or by calling 267-638-6583. We will hold the tickets at the door and refund shipping. Tickets are $5 more expensive on the day-of-show, so we recommend buying in advance.


Watch it unfold as it happens at WWNLive.com, the WWN Roku Channel and FITE TV on live iPPV!


These matches will be covered by WWE.com, giving EVOLVE and these wrestlers exposure to hundreds of thousands of new eyeballs! This is our chance to show the world what these great wrestlers and independent wrestling is all about! Be there in person and represent these great talents or watch the history happen on live iPPV!


The WWE GCS will break the mold! Check out this interview and find out why.


We have Mini-Docs and matches with all these athletes. These Mini-Docs let you know who these people are. Then we have two free matches with all four of these athletes so you can see their wrestling style. Here is your video preview of these four competitors:



EVOLVE Mini-Doc: Fred Yehi

EVOLVE Mini-Doc: Tracy Williams

EVOLVE Mini-Doc: Drew Gulak

Free Match: Drew Gulak vs. TJP

Free Match: Tracy Williams vs. Fred Yehi

The mind-blowing 2016 will continue with WWE giving an unprecedented spotlight to EVOLVE and independent wrestling. Be there in person and voice your support. Order on live iPPV and watch it happen. This is the type of experience that makes us all love pro wrestling. Be a part of it.


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