Editorial: Adam Cole is a great fit for Bullet Club

Watching Ring of Honor’s pay per view from this past Sunday, Global Wars, a big tease was made during the show and online before the show began.  Thinking that some site would spoil who the newest member of Bullet Club would be I decided to not read any stories reporting about this particular news piece and wanted to be surprised if anybody did spoil what would happen that night.

One thing that the people behind the scenes at Ring of Honor did right was making the eight man tag team match featuring members of Bullet Club be the next to the last match on the show when they had big stars like Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kazuchika Okada, Tomohiro Ishii and many more who could’ve been in that spot.  But it went to the eight man tag team match and was placed perfectly.  While nothing big came out of the match, what would happen in the last match of the show made the events pretty much perfect.

During the main event match with Jay Lethal defending the Ring of Honor world title against Colt Cabana, the Young Bucks of Matt & Nick Jackson came out to the ring.  After superkicking referee Todd Sinclair and Taeler Hendrix they both enter the ring with Bullet Club shirts in hand each giving one to the two men in the ring.  As they looked at the shirts the lights go out in the building.  At that point it could’ve been anybody who popped up when the lights came back up.  When it did, we were treated to a great surprise with Adam Cole wearing a Bullet Club shirt and all hell breaks loose.

In what has been described as an NWO beat down which I will get to in a moment, all members of the Bullet Club that were in attendance destroyed everybody around ringside and anybody who came to the ring who tried and help out the situation.  It was refreshing, it was great and for a company like Ring of Honor who never does anything like this it was totally different.

The beat down had to be done so that the American fans would have this thought of the Bullet Club isn’t dead even though AJ Styles left and Karl Anderson left and Doc Gallows left.  Adam Cole really makes up for all three of those men being gone in just one person.  He has the great wrestling ability of Styles, has the charisma of Anderson and the I’ll kick your ass attitude of Gallows.  While some people claim that he is the leader of the US version of the Bullet Club I wouldn’t go too far and saying that.  Kenny Omega, who wrestles right now for New Japan does make appearances from time to time for Ring of Honor, could make a great argument that he’s the leader of Bullet Club but I don’t think it matters who is the leader of the group.  They have brought in another person who fits the group perfectly and if you have been watching Ring of Honor lately, Adam Cole fits the group.

Now the beat down that we saw this past Sunday was like an old NWO beat down from 1997 when they were at the peak of popularity in WCW.  But where Bullet Club went right where as NWO went wrong is they don’t add three hundred members into there group at one time.  Not only did they add Adam Cole but they have also added Adam Page who if given time to be groomed can be a very good member of the Bullet Club.  All together as of this writing there are ten members in the Bullet Club.  To me that is a perfect, even number and if they add one or two more members it won’t hurt.  But it’s when they start adding people who don’t belong in the stable is when the Bullet Club fad will get hurt.  But right now the Bullet Club is as good as it’s been in the past.

Adam Cole really fits the Bullet Club and he will no doubt be a big player in New Japan and could be an even bigger player in Ring of Honor then he was before joining.  It’s just a matter of time before we see if Cole takes over as the leader of the group or he stays in line.

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