Editorial: Stop Complaining about Battleground

It hasn’t even been a week since Money in the Bank took place and people are already whining and complaining about the next event Battleground which isn’t for another four and a half weeks.  This is one thing about wrestling fans at times I just scratch my head about.  People give you the product to watch and they make everything good for you and yet you’re not satisfied.  What do I mean?  Let me give you some examples.


Example one and maybe the best example of all, the main event of the show.  It will be a triple threat match for the WWE Championship between new champion Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.  Nobody is complaining about that this match is happening, if you have watched the careers of all three men since the Shield was first formed in 2012, you knew this match was going to happen sometime down the road.  What people are complaining about is the fact that this match which could main event a WrestleMania or could main event a Summerslam is the main event of Battleground, an event that some people would just give the cold shoulder too if they didn’t even hear the full card.  The only reason and this is just a guess on my end that this match is happening so soon is because of the upcoming draft.  Because of the draft and splitting the rosters up you can’t possibly have all three men on the same show competing for the WWE title.  One person will be left out of this equation again and be on a different show.  But people shouldn’t look at this as such a negative thing, if anything this could be a test run of if this match is the main event of next years WrestleMania.  Sometimes you have to give a match a test to see if people will react to it and how they will react to the match.  If the match is a success then I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this again in Orlando in early April.  If it doesn’t succeed which I highly doubt it won’t succeed then they won’t do this match again.  So to those who are pulling there hair out, be patient because the best is yet to come.


Example two, a possible rematch between AJ Styles and John Cena.  The match at Money in the Bank was really good in my opinion even the ending with the Club interfering at the end.  I’m sure most people will be like John Cena will win this next match to even things up at one, which is probably true.  But what if, what if Styles gets another win against Cena?  Owens never beat Cena twice, Rusev never beat Cena twice, Miz never beat Cena twice.  AJ Styles could be the exception to that rule if it is booked the right way.  While Cena did look a little bit rusty in the match this past Sunday he’s going to get better and back to his old form and in no time could have the real good matches that we have seen him have over the last several years.  If Cena wins the rematch I’m fine with it because the series would be tied at one going to a possible third and final match that would break the tie which would happen at Summerslam.  So you know that if the rematch happens these two will put on a great match, I hope.


Now to the third and final example and something that people might not talk about, the Women’s championship.  Yes Charlotte didn’t defend the title at Money in the Bank which I am fine with, but what about the possibility of two straight pay per views where the title isn’t defended?  If that is the case I think that will be fine to get to the ultimate goal which has been rumored to be Charlotte against Sasha Banks at Summerslam.  This has been the rumored plan for months and as of right now it is looking like they will go that way.  So let’s look at two ways WWE could go for the match at Battleground.  They could do another tag team match where Charlotte teams up with Dana Brooke and faces Sasha Banks and possibly Paige.  They could have the match and Banks could go over by pinning Brooke which would lead to the match at Summerslam.  Or they could do Charlotte against Sasha Banks for the title.  In that situation you can do one of two things, have Sasha win the match by disqualification with some outside interference by Dana Brooke or you can have Charlotte win with some help from Dana Brooke.  Because of that you can have both women face each other at Summerslam with the stipulation that Charlotte has to go and wrestle on her own, no interference or she loses the title.  While it might be too soon to use that stipulation again it could be the only thing they can do to get the match over and be in Sasha’s favor.  But again only time will tell.


Ladies and gentlemen who are reading this article, I don’t want you to get gray hairs over the card for Battleground because some of these matches aren’t happening at bigger events.  Just remember this, if the draft wasn’t happening before this event then the booking would be different and you all could be happy with it.  To those who don’t mind the potential card that we get on July 24th, let’s just enjoy the ride on our way to Battleground.  For those who are going to continue to complain for no reason, then grow up and be thankful that some of the matches I mentioned will even be happening at Battleground.  It’s just the nature of pro wrestling, if it makes you happy then it makes you happy and if it makes you mad it makes you mad.  But don’t act like jerks about it!!!

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