Editorial: Thoughts on the rules of the WWE Draft

This past Thursday on That Wrestling Show, my guest Jason Burke and I did our own version of the WWE Draft going on with no rules really set.  We had conversations about should NXT be involved in our draft, can we split teams up and many more questions going into that episode.  Some parts I regret and some I don’t regret making rules on.

Last night on wwe.com they announced the rules for tomorrow nights WWE Draft.  They have made this a very interesting draft with the rules that have been placed, I want to talk about them today and put my opinions on them.

The very first rule but really more of a decision is that Raw gets the very first pick.  In some ways I’m okay with that but then again I’m not okay with this ruling because what would’ve been a good segment for the show tonight on Raw would be to do a coin toss to determine who gets the number one pick in the draft.  Back in 2002 when Ric Flair and Vince McMahon were getting prepared for the draft they decided who would have the number one pick by a coin toss.  I think it would’ve been a good, short segment for who gets the number one pick of the draft instead it has just been given to Raw.

How each show selects is very interesting, each show will get a certain number of consecutive selections by how many hours the show airs.  Good thing Main Event and Superstars aren’t involved in this draft, because each show would get one pick and would have the worst possible picks.  Smackdown will get two picks then Raw will get three picks, so instead of going back and forth with the picks Raw will right off the bat get the first three picks of the draft then Smackdown will get the next two picks.  Just looking at this makes me think that WWE wants Raw to be the bigger brand of the two as far as how many members are on the roster.  Just remember folks, quantity doesn’t always equal to quality.

The last two rules of the draft are not only the best rules for the draft but also have to be the most interesting.  The commissioner or general manager of a show can break up any member of a team to select one person.  While a tag team will be recognized as one pick, the possibilities of teams being broken up are endless.  While Jason and I both wanted Lucha Dragons to be split up and I think more then likely it will happen, there are some other teams that could be split up.  If you didn’t listen to the draft we had on Thursday, Jason split up the team of Tyler Breeze and Fandango which to me was interesting since it seems like the team might be starting to gel together as a cohesive unit.  If I had not won the coin toss for first of everything, the team I would’ve split up just to shake things up would be Jimmy & Jey Uso.  My reason would be this, let’s see which one could end up being the bigger star of the two.  Would one succeed more then the other, would both stay in the middle of the pack or would they both hit rock bottom?  The teams that could be split up with the possibilities are really endless let’s see if WWE takes advantage of this ruling.

Now onto the wild card, the most important rule of the draft.  Six draft picks will be made off of the NXT roster.  This is where you can think of possible dream matches and where they could go.  The names right off the bat that you think could be selected include Finn Balor, Shinsuke Nakamura, Bayley, American Alpha and the NXT champion himself Samoa Joe.  When looking at the NXT roster you can tell which wrestlers are going to stay in NXT, people like Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, The Revival, Asuka and No Way Jose are going to stay in NXT for a while.  Meanwhile the people who have been on the roster for quite a while it is there time to come up to the main roster.  Could the NXT selections be split evenly or will one brand be loaded with more wrestlers from NXT then the other brand?  It remains to be seen.

There are some names that are not on the list of eligible wrestlers to be selected but four names in particular strike out.  The biggest fish in this small pond is Undertaker, there has been reports and rumors that Undertaker has not talked to Vince McMahon since after WrestleMania which might be true or might not be true.  But we do have to remember that Undertaker doesn’t appear on the shows every single week and only comes on for big events like WrestleMania or Summerslam.  Him not being eligible is okay with me because who knows if he will have a feud with wrestlers on both brands.  The other three names not eligible are Nikki Bella, Emma and Luke Harper.  Nikki Bella is perhaps the easiest to understand because of her neck injury and the uncertainty of will she come back to competition or is her career over?  If her career is over I don’t think that she won’t be on television, she could be in some kind of authority role but then again she could busy with her reality TV show and could take her away from being in the ring.  Emma surprises me because she had been active before the back injury and her being out for a long time.  She can still be drafted but you could put her on the show that she is selected disabled list being out for a while.  Luke Harper would’ve made a great selection for either show and you could put him on the disabled list of that show.  He’s a very talented big guy who if he goes out on his own could be a big player perhaps a main event player he is not your average big guy.

So overall while the rules are a little bit confusing I do like the rules of the draft.  These rules will no doubt make tomorrow nights draft very interesting, the whole world of wrestling will no doubt be watching.


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