WWN Live News July 20, 2016

A big, heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported EVOLVE last weekend either in person or on live iPPV. La Boom in Queens, NY has become the hottest spot in EVOLVE history! The Massachusetts debut was a success and the return date is set. We have all the info including match announcements. Let’s get to it….


July 20th: SHINE returns to live iPPV at WWNLive.com this Friday from The Orpheum in Ybor City, FL. There will be three title matches! Go to www.SHINEwrestling.com for the tickets and info. Already signed is:

-SHINE Title: Ivelisse defends vs. Su Yung

-SHINE Tag Team Title Match: Marti Belle & Jayme Jameson defend vs. A.C.R. & La Rosa Negra

-NWA Woman’s Title Match: Amber Gallows defends vs. Tracy Taylor

-Allysin Kay vs. Xandra Bale

-Santana vs. Vanessa Kraven

-Plus much more to be added!!!


July 20th: You can watch last weekend’s EVOLVE 64 and EVOLVE 65 anytime at WWNLive.com On Demand.


“Honestly, Evolve seems to never fail to deliver. This was yet another strong showing from the company….” – EVOLVE 64 Review At 411mania.com


“It’s been said multiple times at this point, by many different people, but it’s a point that’s still worth repeating. From a match-quality perspective, EVOLVE has become one of the most consistent promotions in all of wrestling over the last two years.” – EVOLVE 64 Review At VoicesOfWrestling.com


“8.0….It’s all coming together nicely for Evolve, as they continue to deliver one of the most confident products out there.” – EVOLVE 65 Review At 411mania.com


“Not only is EVOLVE delivering some of the best wrestling in the world, but it is delivering some of the best stories in the world of professional wrestling.” –

EVOLVE 65 Review At KayfabeToday.com


July 20th: EVOLVE returns to Queens, NY on September 11th and Melrose, MA on December 11th. Go to the DGUSA.tv Events section for all the info. Tickets for the following EVOLVE events are now on sale in the DGUSA.tv Store:

-August 19th in Joppa, MD

-August 20th in Brooklyn, NY

-September 10th in Long Island, NY

-September 11th in Queens, NY

-December 11th in Melrose, MA

EVOLVE 64 Recap With A Shocking Return!

July 20th: Drew Galloway, Ethan Carter III & Dustin vs. TJ Perkins, Tracy Williams & Fred Yehi has been signed for EVOLVE 67 on August 20th in Brooklyn, NY. If you saw the EVOLVE events last weekend, you know why this is happening. This is a special 3pm event and will be over in time to make it to NXT at the Barclays Center. Make it a double header!


July 20th: It’s official! EVOLVE Champion Timothy Thatcher vs. Matt Riddle in a No Holds Barred Match at EVOLVE 66 on August 19th in Joppa, MD will now be for the EVOLVE Title! There is an intense history between Thatcher and Riddle. This will settle it.


July 20th: Two huge matches have already been signed for the EVOLVE return to Queens, NY on September 11th. The previously scheduled Cody Rhodes vs. Johnny Gargano match will now take place in the electric atmosphere of La Boom! Matt Riddle vs. TJ Perkins with Stokely Hathaway is also set. If Riddle wins the Title at EVOLVE 66, it’ll be on the line in this match.


July 20th: We regret to inform you that Marty Scurll is off the August events due to a personal commitment. We welcome Scurll back in the future.

July 20th: Is it August 19th and 20th yet? We can’t wait for EVOLVE to get back in action! Thank you for giving us so much momentum! It’ll continue this Friday with the return of SHINE on live iPPV and August 12th with FIP. We’ll be back Friday with more news. Thank you for reading today’s WWN Alerts.

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