Editorial: Don’t believe in everything

On a day where I would think nothing would be going on news wise in the world of wrestling, an article is posted from of all places the New York Post reporting that Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins fame is in talks of being the majority owner of TNA.  While this has been a story for sometime, I have one simple question to ask?  Why is the New York Post reporting on something that a wrestling website should be doing???

Another question that I have with this story is what source did this reporter get this story from?  In this story Richard Morgan, current writer for the New York Post, also says that the Sinclair Broadcasting Group, which currently owns Ring of Honor, and get ready for this the WWE has also placed a bid on buying TNA.  I had heard sometime ago that the Sinclair Broadcasting Group was interested in possibly buying TNA but where in the world did WWE come from?  This is where coverage of wrestling can get pretty ridiculous, where are the sources when reporting?

It seems as if in this day and age in pro wrestling that any story comes up online will be reported and most people will think it’s true, but where does the source come from?  Who told this person about WWE put a bid on TNA?  Furthermore, are we as wrestling fans starting to become so dimwitted that we will believe just about anything that is reported on a wrestling website?  It looks like that is starting to be the case.

When this website reports on news or upcoming events, we get it straight from the source which is the site from the wrestling promotion.  I will never say that we have 100% of the news but we won’t report news that hasn’t been confirmed and won’t report on fake news unless it is from a confirmed, reliable source.  So if you want to believe that the value of TNA is forty million dollars go right ahead and believe that.

But I will promise you this, as long as That Wrestling Show is not only a podcast but also a website you will not be insulted.  You will get 100% truth, 100% authentic news and you will get nothing but the truth, so help me God!

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