Why I Write Wrestling

For all purposes this is the first time that I’m sitting down outside of a blog show and outside of the other outlets to tell you something about me.

The wrestling romance girl.

Yes I have actually been called this a time or two.

What I want to do on my section of this great blog is tell my story to you so that you can understand me a little bit. I’m sure that there is hundred of wrestling writers that opens the door for their readers to know the truth behind the keyboard. That will not stop me from joining the masses in doing this.

I got into wrestling when I was very small when I was in hospital with a friend as this was a regular thing for me by this point. I was about three years old. I was good friends with a boy who was younger than me and he was really into it. He taught me to do some wrestling moves and told me that was going to open my eyes to a different world.

Well it did.

He showed me some wrestling shows that his father had taped for him and others brought in. My mother wasn’t to happy with this new interest that I had gained through friends. I was soon to learn that I wasn’t going to have a chance to grow up to be a wrestler with Liam. He died and the doctors were pretty sure that I wasn’t going to make it to an age old enough to try it. I made it to that age but there was no way that I was going to be able to handle it physically.

That was soul destroying.

Writing had been inside me my entire life and that was what got me through a lot of dark times. There was no Make A Wish for kids like Liam and me. For at the time we were small they didn’t reach that far into Scotland. We were in the backwaters in Scotland at the time. I wrote to Disney to just spend one day around wrestling they said no kindly of course. I also pleaded with Jim Will Fix It, but they said no to that too. Instead sent me to see Santa as that was better for TV.

Liam died at a young age and that seemed to leave me with this burning passion for wrestling. When I went to my first live show I was hooked. I knew that I would always want to write storylines for the rest of my life. Go to shows and feed the habit of wrestling. I was passionate about it. That was all I knew. I know that this is not something that will never happen now. I don’t really mind so much as I get to write novels that allows me to do more than one point of view and gives me the chance to give me a chance to review more than one set of consequences.

Being gifted in romance their is often people that ask me why I go out of my way to write wrestling romance and be apart of the faces that make up the contemporary sport romance genre. For they say that it will hold me back. I don’t care about that for I live my life to make myself happy. Its because of that passion for wrestling and the fact that it will never be truly gone from me. I hope that with the support of some wrestlers that the genre can be recognize in both worlds as something important. I know that there is at least one writer who agrees with me.

L. Anne Carrington.

People like Katarina Waters, Rhyno, Gerald Brisco are just a few that are making that possible so far. I hope that over time it will grow. I hope that one day this is something that people see as part of the history of both industries.I know the likes of Vince Russo use to believe in it. I don’t know if he does now.

So now you know why I’m apart of a great site like That Wrestling Show. I hope to post more of my work in relation to wrestling stories in the near future.

Thanks for reading this and I would love your thoughts below.

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