Final Wrestle Factory Events of the Year!


We may be counting down towards the end of Season 16, but the points are adding up leading to “Counting Backwards emanating live from The Wrestle Factory on November 5th at 2:00 pm!


It’s a battle of submission specialists as Zack Sabre Jr. grapples with Juan Francisco De Coronado! Recently, Juan has shown how deadly his Coronado Clutch submission hold is, and looks to demonstrate his South American superiority over one of the finest technicians active today! Zack Sabre Jr. is looking to apply what he’s learned after his #CWC performance and gain some points toward Grand Championship contention. They meet for the very first time on November 5th!

At “Counting Backwards” the hands of time turn back as the imploded Dasher’s Dugout square off! Dasher Hatfield and Heidi Lovelace take on Nazmaldun’s Icarus and Mark Angelosetti! These four have years of history together and quite the score to settle when they come face-to-face. Will the sportsman Dasher Hatfield be able to respect the rules when confronted with hate-filled former partners?

The Thunderfrog makes his 4th defense of his Young Lions Cup against a salty Hermit Crab! Hermit Crab is steam-rolling through the competition. With 2 points toward a Grand Championship challenge garnered against some of CHIKARA’s best, he looks to pick up some gold on his way to the top. It boils down to heart and determination when these two meet, November 5th at “Counting Backwards”.
A full card and an evening event when CHIKARA returns to Philly!
Events at The Wrestle Factory fill up quick! Buy now to guarantee your spot inside!

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