Final Philly Event of the Year November 5th


Don’t miss your final chance to see us at the Wrestle Factory this year, we’ve got an epic card in store for those that join us at “Like Phantoms, Forever”! As ever, kids 12 & under get in FREE with a paying adult!

The Main Event of “Like Phantoms, Forever” will feature “The Broadsword of Nazmaldun”, Hallowicked, defending the Grand Championship for the 4th time. His challenger, Ophidian, looks to make the most of his first opportunity at immortality. In a recent Event Center, Ophidian describes what this match means to him as only he can. Hallowicked has stated not even Nazmaldun is certain of the outcome when these two meet but one thing is for certain, neither will be satisfied with defeat!

Frightmare has put a target on Amasis‘s back, threatening to de-mask him, and even going so far as tearing his mask off his face at “Cruise Control”. The exact formation of Nazmaldun’s warriors is unknown but Worker Ant, Soldier Ant, and Fire Ant have shown the desire to take the fight to any challenger, especially from these so-called heXed Men. On November 5th, Amasis transforms into Pharoah Ant to take the fight to Frightmare one last time!


The mysterious Wani takes on Missile Assault Man at “Like Phantoms, Forever”. This is a FIRST TIME MEETING between two warriors of the ring. At “Judgment Day”, Wani showed he is not above breaking the rules to get a victory; but Missile Assault Man is just one breakdown away from destroying everything in his path. Will Wani’s mysterious training be able to help him survive the (missile) assault headed his way?

November 5th’s Double-Header at The Wrestle Factory is the last stop before the Season Finale!

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