Fantasy Survivor Series Card #3

Now we go into the WWE Hall of Fame with the first of there two Survivor Series cards.  To me this was half easy and half hard for the fact that I had to leave so many good wrestlers out and I left out the entire women’s division of the WWE Hall of Fame out of the card.  But I think those that got left out is made up for with a great card and five very good matches.  Let’s get right to it.

Main Event

The Four Horsemen: Ric Flair (Captain), Barry Windham, Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard vs. The nWo: Hulk Hogan (Captain), Randy Savage, Scott Hall & Kevin Nash

The main event was really easy for me to create here.  You take what many fans consider the greatest incarnation of the Four Horsemen against perhaps the biggest group in wrestling history in the New World Order.  Captains were easy to select and with the players that can dance here this would be a hell of a match if it had actually happened.

Match Two

The Warriors: Ultimate Warrior (Captain), Kerry Von Erich, Hawk & Animal vs. Roddy’s Rowdies: Roddy Piper (Captain), Jimmy Snuka, Luke & Butch

I wanted to make a special match with teams where all members of that Survivor Series team are in the WWE Hall of Fame.  This is a great example, yes all eight are babyfaces and yes would split the crowd down the middle but I think you could get an entertaining match.  Just imagine the possibility of what we could get with this match.

Match Three

Sting’s Squadron: Sting (Captain), Ricky Steamboat, Booker T & Junkyard Dog vs. Heenan Family: Big John Studd (Captain), Curt Hennig, Nick Bockwinkel & Harley Race

I felt like Sting needed to have a match here and what a better way to get him in by having him be the captain of his own team and giving him three men who had his back in WCW.  Ricky Steamboat is a standup guy who is a family man.  Booker T and Junkyard Dog are guys who always like to fight and would support the team they are on.  Heenan Family was such a hard decision because they have so many members that could be on this team.  But for this I went with the four men who I felt were the most loyal to Bobby Heenan and to his entire family.  If I could’ve made one switch it would be to make Nick Bockwinkel the captain of the team but Big John Studd is a very good choice as well for team captain so in the end all things work out for the Heenan Family.

Match Four

Mid-South: Bill Watts (Captain), Ernie Ladd, Ted DiBiase & Jake Roberts vs. Florida Fighters: Dusty Rhodes (Captain), Superstar Billy Graham, Andre the Giant & Jack Brisco

I had wanted to do a match featuring two territories last time around but I didn’t feel like I had the talent to do that.  This year, I went for it and had to make a little switch with the Mid-South team.  With Junkyard Dog in the previous match, it bumped one wrestler onto the card for this event.  Bill Watts being the team captain was an obvious choice to be the captain of the team and his partners were three of the biggest stars in the territory.  Florida was also a no brainer with Dusty Rhodes being one of the big stars there as the captain.  I’m sure some people were surprised to see Andre the Giant on the team but he did wrestle in the Florida territory for some time so that qualifies him to be on the team.  Maybe Gerald Brisco could’ve been on the team as well but Andre fits the team as well and matches up with Ernie Ladd on the match.

Match Five

New Japan: Antonio Inoki (Captain), Tatsumi Fujinami, Bret Hart & Eddie Guerrero vs. All Japan: Stan Hansen (Captain), Abdullah the Butcher, Terry Funk & Dory Funk Jr.

To round out this card is a battle featuring the two biggest wrestling promotions in Japan.  Antonio Inoki was an easy choice to be the captain of the team and have Tatsumi Fujinami as a partner, but it was finding the other two partners was maybe the hardest part of completing the team.  Bret Hart did compete in the 1980’s in New Japan and would make a great fit as far as technical wrestling goes.  Eddie Guerrero wrestled in the 1990’s as Black Tiger and he could reprise that role for one night only in this event.  All Japan would pretty much be an all gaijin (foreign wrestler) team and Stan Hansen being one of the biggest stars that All Japan ever had as the captain.  This is a tough team with tough men on them, with Abdullah the Butcher who would just keep fighting and fighting even after the match is over.  Terry and Dory Funk could wrestle many different styles.  Technical, brawling, hardcore these two could bring it to the table.  They would be the wildcard to the entire match can they control there emotions or would it cost them the match?

That’s it for this third card, what do you all think of this card?  Tell me how you feel about this card and be honest.  Next week is the fourth and final fantasy card as the WWE Hall of Fame is used again in a five on five format.

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