Mask vs. Mask in Chicago December 3rd


It’s all been building to December 3 in Chicago, and “Temple of Doom”!


Two mainstays of CHIKARA have decided they cannot exist in the same universe anymore! At “Temple of Doom”, Amasis has challenged Frightmare to a fight for identity. It’s a Lucha de Apuesta, máscara contra máscara, battle as only one can leave with his identity intact. Months of underhanded attacks have led to this match, and one will be forever changed by the result!

At “Counting Backwards”, the “Rockabilly Roughneck” Lucas Calhoun got a surprise victory over Drew Gulak. But at “Temple of Doom”, Gulak turns away from the spotlight of WWE’s Monday Night Raw to prove the loss was only a fluke. Can Calhoun withstand a frustrated Gulak and prove he is more of a contender than previously perceived? The only way to know is keep your eyes focused on CHIKARA’s trip to the Windy City!


Rookie tag teams are set to face off as Dez Peloton square up against Cornelius Crummels & Sonny Defarge! Crummels and Defarge have made it clear that the only business they would like to concern themselves with is tag gold. But last month, Dez Peloton rolled through the duo and sent them crashing back down to zero points. After that, the traveling businessmen booked their flights to Chicago with Great Expectations in mind for their final encounter!
Your Last Chance to catch CHIKARA this season is December 3rd!
Our Season Finale has only a few seats left! Don’t get left in the cold!

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