WWN Live News November 22, 2016

We hyped this up as a game changing week and now we are delivering. We announced the new FIP yesterday, we started our Black Friday Sales and today we reveal plans for a new WWN promotion. Let’s get to it….


Here’s the scorecard of announcements:


Monday: New Creative Direction, Black Friday Sale Starts

Tuesday: WWN Starts New Promotion, Black Friday Sale Continues

Wednesday: ???

Thursday: Enjoy Thanksgiving

Friday: EVOLVE Match Announcements


November 22nd: The Black Friday Sales in the DGUSA.tv Store are in effect! Check it out:

-All EVOLVE Blu-rays/DVDs are up to 50% off and $10 each!!!

-All SHINE Blu-rays/DVDs are up to 50% off and $10 each!!!

-All DGUSA DVDs are 50% off and $10 each!!!

-Everything in the Gear section is 50% off, including all EVOLVE shirts!!!

-Act now, these sales only last for a limited time!!!


November 22nd: The WWN Family is about to get bigger and better. This is all because of your support. Thank you! Here is today’s press release:


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                        November 22nd, 2016


Ybor City, FL- WWN is excited to announce Style Battle, a new promotion which will feature a tournament on every show. Style Battle will premiere on January 7th at The Orpheum in Ybor City, FL. We’ll have ticket and more information soon at the all new WWNLive.com. Style Battle will live stream exclusively at FloSlam.tv.


Style Battle will be the ultimate test for competitors. It will provide a new opportunity for wrestlers. Each Style Battle will feature a variety of wrestling styles. We will find out who is truly the most skilled on every event. 


Style Battle has been an annual tournament in EVOLVE since 2011 with various formats. Now it will occur almost monthy with an eight man, single elimination tournament. Style Battle will take place in “seasons.” Each season will consist of nine events. There will be eight tournaments. The eight winners will then be in Style Battle Season Finale on the ninth event of the season. This will determine the Style Battle Champion of that season. In the event that all the winners aren’t available, Style Battle will pick an “all star” substitute who impressed in a previous tournament.


“Tournaments can provide drama and excitment unlike anything else in wrestling,” WWN VP Of Talent Relations & Creative Gabe Sapolsky said. “This will be a unique opportunity for upcoming wrestlers, today’s stars and veterans looking to prove something to showcase their wrestling style.”


“This adds more diversity to the WWN lineup on FloSlam,” WWN President Sal Hamaoui said. “FloSlam will now have Style Battle, EVOLVE, FIP, SHINE, ACW and WWN Supershows. Each brand will bring something different to the Network. This gives the fans even more value for their money.”


WWN will announce the participants and more details in the upcoming weeks.

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