Number four for 2017 ECWA Super 8 is announced

Fourth entrant announced for the ECWA Super 8


      ECWA has been around for almost 50 years now… half a century of top notch wrestling put on by some of the world’s best wrestlers. A company that lasts that long has to keep innovating for the future… and innovate it did back in 1997 when former ECWA owner Jim Kettner invented the Super 8 Tournament. Originally, it was to crown an ECWA TV Championship, a now defunct championship. But the buzz behind the performers’ showing created massive buzz in the indy circuit, especially picking up PWI Magazine’s interest and coverage. And so it grew into a phenomenon! Wrestlers from all across the country begged and fought for the chance to be among the chosen eight. A good showing, and more importantly a win, in the tournament almost guarantees national coverage. Most of the past competitors went on to HUGE things in the wrestling industry whether it was in WWE, WCW, ROH, or even Japan.


            Some of the notable names that have competed in or won the Super 8 Tournament:


-WWE NXT star Austin Aries

-Former WWE Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan

-International Superstar Low Ki

-ROH and TNA star Christopher Daniels

-IWGP Jr Tag Team Champion Rocky Romero

-Former WWE Tag Team Champions Jeff AND Matt Hardy

-Former WWE Tag Team Champion Brian Kendrick

-ROH Champion Adam Cole

-WWE NXT Tag Team Champion Tommaso Ciampa


            And that’s literally just barely a list of the amazing names that all wrestling fans know and love that have competed under the ECWA banner at the Super 8 Tournament. These men weren’t household names when they competed… just young, hungry wrestlers looking for a chance. You know these men AFTER the fact… that’s the Super 8.


            With that in mind, this is year 21 of the famous single elimination tournament! ECWA management wanted to make a huge splash with fresh, young talent competing for all the glory. The search didn’t go very far before they found exactly the kind of athletes and wrestlers that embodies what the Super 8 stands for.


            With three men already chosen ECWA management took a look around the Northeast indy scene for a wrestler waiting for his chance to break out… to finally show what he’s worth.


            They found one of the most unique… talented… high impact lucha libre talents in the country…




            Zombiie King is also known as Junior Flow after his father Frankie Flow, a very well known veteran lucha wrestler… that’s right he’s a SECOND GENERATION WRESTLER! Naturally though, he learned the ins and outs of wrestling and got all his training from his father while traveling around the country at his side. However, he’s now making a name for himself at companies like D2W, ECPW, and now ECWA. He’s an instant fan favorite!


            Like his hero Rey Mysterio… the Zombiie King employs a high risk, high reward style of wrestling. He’s smooth as silk with his technical and chain wrestling but loves to fly around the ring with amazing speed. Using that speed, he does all kinds of hurricaranas, dives, and flying kicks. And you know it’s getting red hot in the building when he does his flying cannon ball roll on his opponents in the corner. Deadlier still is his spring board ace crusher finisher… if connected it’s lights out for any opponent!                                                      


            He just may be the most exciting man to enter the tournament in years!


            It’s certainly easy to see why ECWA management chose him to be in this tournament… his lucha libre skill… the excitement… the absolute intensity he brings could easily steal the show. Could he be the next man to have his coming out party at the Super 8?


            It just may be FEEDING FRENZY TIME for the Zombiie King!


            Needless to say this is HUGE news for upcoming tournament in April! Stay tuned for more entrant announcements and even bonus matches being added as the weeks go by and we get closer and closer to the date!


            The Super 8 Tournament this year is already the BIGGEST MUST SEE EVENT in independent wrestling! Here’s all the information released so far:



East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA)

2017 ECWA Super 8 Tournament

Saturday April 29, 2017

Woodbury Heights Community Center

741 Helen Ave

Woodbury Height, NJ 08097


Doors will open: 6 pm

* Arrive early for a special meet and greet with all 8 entrants*


Showtime: 7 pm


All ECWA events are family friendly!




2017 ECWA Super 8 Tournament Participants





5- ???

6- ???

7- ???

8- ???




Here’s all ECWA channels to watch for all the info on the Super 8 and all ECWA shows:


ECWA Webpage:


ECWA Twitter:



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ECWA Network- $4.99 a month with NO COMMITMENT- CANCEL ANYTIME:

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